Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Snowing Yellow Pee Pellets!

If I had a quarter for every mess I've had to clean up...........

Today I was thrilled to be able to take my shower before noon. I waited for the elementary bus and then the high school bus to come and pick up the boys. The girls were still sleeping at 7:40 am. It was a miracle. I dashed to get clean mom uniform out of the closet, a big tee shirt and flannel lounge pants of course. I jumped in the shower and tried really hard not to listen for babies and not to worry that a madman would break into the house and take all my kids while I was in there. About 8 minutes later I received 10 bonus energy points for getting a shower done before nap time! I felt great and when I came out the girls were awake singing and “counting” like they do each morning. I knew they were ok in the cribs, they haven’t been climbing out for a while so I ran in and set up for snack. I already made the sippies the night before and put them in the fridge so I just broke a banana into 3 pieces and set everything out on the little picnic table that now sits in the living room for them. I always give them a small snack to buy myself some time while I get coffee and make breakfast.
I also knew they would still have their pajamas on. I started putting the zip up footy kind on them backwards several months ago. That is the only way that they stay dressed in the cribs. I also put the pajamas on for nap and if one of them just won’t keep the clothes on, they get to wear backwards pajamas during the day too. In the beginning I cut the feet off but soon realized that if they were large enough it was not necessary because there is room to just twist the feet around comfortably. Before the backwards pajamas started I used to walk into the room after nap or in the morning to unspeakable messes that involved naked babies and poop.
Now that the girls are 2 years old I let them dress themselves. I just unzip the pjs and pass out pull ups and clothes and they do the rest as long as I leave them in the cribs. Ava needs some help but Chloe and Piper can do it on their own. If I let them out they would just strip and stay naked until I caught them to dress them. Chasing a 22 lb toddler may not sound hard but doing it 3 times is really exhausting and takes about 40 minutes-I timed myself one day.
Today is rainy and chilly here in Iowa and the house is cold. I had to go into the other room to get long sleeved shirts for them. I left for 5 seconds and when I came back Piper was naked, swinging a very wet disposable diaper around her head like a lasso. Just as I told her to give it to me the diaper hit the side of the crib and literally exploded. If this was a sitcom they would have played out this scene in slow motion as the pee soaked gel beads flew all around the room. like yellow snow. They were all over the pile of blankets, pillows and babies that the girls had tossed out of the beds. All over 2 of the cribs and some of them were in Piper’s hair. Everyone screamed. I don’t know if they screamed because they were pelted with pee pellets or because of my reaction of horror. I spent the next 30 minutes brushing the gel off every surface and changing sheets. Then I had to get out the dreaded vacuum. It’s a little Dirt Devil, kinda like the old Dustbuster but it’s on a stick. We only have 2 rooms in the house with carpet (and this is a great example of why) so when the last vac gave out I just bought this little one. For reasons unknown to me, Piper and Chloe are terrified of it. They don’t run away from it though they stand and scream at the edge of the room and won’t leave. Nobody else is home to pick them up and protect them I suppose that’s why, or else they think it’s going to eat me and they don’t want to leave me alone with it. This is strange because when they were about 4 months old Piper went through a stage where she wouldn’t fall asleep in the swings like the others. She would only fall asleep while nursing or if I put her in the sling and ran the vacuum. That worked out ok because that was before we tore out the carpet and put in the wood laminate floors. I have some cute pictures of Austin wearing a sling and running the vacuum with Piper but he probably wouldn’t want those pictures floating around the internet. So I got the mess cleaned up and it just goes to show you that if you have triplets you can’t ever get ahead in this game.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 minute Repurposing craft-Go Rockets!!

This is Homecoming week at Eddyville Blakesburg so at the BAC they are celebrating with "Hat Day" Thursday and Friday will be "Black and Gold" day. We didn't have any school shirts yet for Logan this year so I dug out an old EBHS State Wrestling 2006 tee shirt that used to be Austin's.

I pulled out my trusty sewing scissors and cut out a Rocket from the part of the shirt that said Eddyville Blakesburg. Got the iron out and pressed it onto a plain black tee shirt with fusible webbing. You can buy fusible webbing from Walmart or any fabric store and it's cheap. I always buy the plain shirts from the Dollar Tree when they have them in my kids' sizes so I can make fun things like this. Tee shirt fabric won't ravel so you don't have to sew anything. I will let him wear it Friday and then I might go ahead and sew around it with a zig zag or satin stitch, I think it looks a little plain. Logan loved it though. I really need to get crackin' on the EBHS stuff before Wrestling starts. I plan on making bows for the girls and some dresses or something in black and gold, maybe some cute little leg warmers and skirts?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eggrolls are easy!

When I get a craving for Chinese food I don't like to fork over $50 for a single meal for all of us so I make my own. I tend to do that with all kinds of though because I hate to pay somebody 4 times (or more) than actual cost to make or do something I can easily do myself. It makes no sense to me. Besides if I go out to eat anywhere I am usually wondering how many times the people touching my food actually wiped snot on their hands or if they actually washed their hands after going to the bathroom before touching my food. Grossed out yet?

Egg rolls are very easy to make and you can use whatever you like in them for filling. I usually buy the egg roll wrappers once or twice a month and they will keep in the fridge for over a week. That way I have them on hand when I get a craving.

The ingredients I use most often are ground pork, coleslaw mix, soy sauce and garlic. To make enough filling to use up the whole package of wrappers I use:

1 lb ground pork
1/2 bag of coleslaw mix
3T Soy sauce
1T minced garlic

I put a couple T. of water into a hot skillet and throw in the garlic (from a jar) and coleslaw mix. Just stir it around and cook on medium heat until the cabbage softens a little. If you cook it too long you are on your way to Sauer Kraut-you will smell it and know right away. Even if you get it too soft it's still usable don't worry. Line a mixing bowl with a paper towel and dump the mixture in the bowl to drain, you don't want any extra liquid in the filling or your egg rolls will get soggy. Using the same skillet brown the ground pork until done and then drain it in it's own paper towel lined dish. Some people actually rinse the meat but I don't, I just let it sit while I lay out the wrappers on the counter. Lay them out in rows so you can put the filling in and roll them. I plug in the fryer now and get a small dish with a little bit of water for sealing the egg rolls as you roll them. Some people use an egg mixture or some cornstarch and water mix but it's not at all necessary-plain water works just fine. If you don't have a deep fryer you can use a couple of inches of your favorite cooking oil in a pan.

Now take the paper towel out of the cabbage mixture bowl-the cabbage should be well drained now. Dump in your cooked pork, Soy sauce to taste and stir it all up-that's your filling.

Put 2 T. of filling in the middle of your wrapper. Now fold one corner in and then the 2 sides. Make it pretty tight so you don't lose any filling. Dab bit of water on the last corner and then roll it up tight. Smooth that last corner down so it sticks. Fry them for a couple minutes until they start to turn light golden brown. It's the secret to keeping them from getting greasy. I had a toddler emergency so the ones in my picture are a bit darker on the back side but hey this is real life not the Food Network right. Drain them on end in that dish lined with a new paper towel. If you lay them on their side the grease or oil will not drain out and that's gross.

Now if you have some left over wrappers you can use pie filling or do like I did. I had 2 left so I put a tiny bit of the filling I had made and I added a couple of chunks of apple to fill them out. The apples were left from snack time and since they were just sitting there in the dish already cut and peeled I stuck them in and they were yummy! The girls really like to eat these and I find it easy to get lots of veggies in their diet this way. I like broccoli slaw and zucchini, onion and ground turkey or ground beef with fresh baby spinach. Just use what you have on hand and experiment with leftovers too.

These freeze well both ways, cooked or uncooked. I freeze them uncooked and then drop them in the fryer frozen like you would some boxed store bought ones. I have a lid on my fryer though because there is a lot of splatter with the frozen ones. You could thaw them and fry too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Got a minute?

Hi everyone it's a busy Saturday morning here so I'm making this a quick post. I am gearing up to do a lot of redecorating and moving rooms here at home and I will be keeping you up to date with lots of pictures of that and I'm also going to start adding my cooking on a budget advice lol. I keep getting requests for that. People want to know how I feed this big family and I'm going to start sharing that information soon. I have lots of great tips and recipes.

Take a minute to vote for Austin and me in the Mom and Marine photo contest please. We are on page 9, the 1st pic in the 3rd row. Although it's not my best looking picture it's truly my favorite one. It's in San Diego at the Marine Recruit Training Depot on Family day. It was the very first time we got to see him for 13 long weeks. I swear I thought the last 13 weeks of carrying triplets was hard but this was harder! Anyway we had just picked him up and we were sitting down to eat in the shade, he was starving and in the picture I think he had food in his mouth lol. I had been crying tears of joy so my eye make up was washed away and I was still in that moment of staring at him and being thrilled to death to see him! That's why it's my favorite, because it captured that moment in time. Thanks for voting and feel free to forward the link to vote or the link to my blog so your friends can vote too.Voting ends on 9/29. Have a great Saturday! Take time to teach your children something today and hug your loved ones.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We play with milk jugs!

The triplets are really into playing with doll babies and doing things like Mommy. It's so cute to see them rocking and singing to the dolls, changing the clothes and diapers and feeding them. They talk to them in a sweet little soothing voice and I just love it. They have strollers to push the dolls in but we didn't have any beds, investing in 3 isn't something I can do right now with our 1 income budget. I love to make things out of recycled items or re purpose something that isn't being used. So I dug into my scrap stash and whipped up 3 sets of blankies and mattresses and sliced some plastic milk jugs in half being careful not to leave any sharp edges. Taa-Daa baby doll beds! They were so thrilled and they played with them all morning. Piper liked her little mattress so much she took it to nap with her. I stuffed them with cut up fleece off of a sweatshirt that was in my stash, not too full, I wanted it to be flat like a mattress. If you have time you could decorate the jugs, I did not. An older child may want to paint or decoupage them. If you are going to decoupage don't buy that expensive stuff, just use school glue mixed with water and cut up some old catalogs or ripped picture books. Remember it's not material things that make great childhood memories it's the experiences-so if you have a preschooler this might be a fun craft.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

*WHAT* was in that diaper??

Yet another post about poo. Sorry but when so much of my day is devoted to changing diapers, potty training, cleaning messes of all kinds and mostly all of my social time involves counting and ABC's, singing and pretending to cook when I'm not in the kitchen cooking for real. Well I can't remember the point and I'm sure my grammar was incorrect in that last sentence but it's late so you'll have to forgive me. I'm not even going to change it lol.

So anyway...I finally got out of the house today to interact with some real adults and what did they have me doing? Looking into diapers filled with melted candy bars made to look like POO!! The blonde in the picture (who answers to Rachel the Beautiful) is responsible for this fun filled game. I digress, this day was not for me so I will let it slide this time. This day was Trisha's special day, she is going to have a sweet little baby girl soon. This will make 2 sweet little girls now. I didn't get everybody's picture at the Baby shower simply because I didn't want to have to ask permission to put them in my blog, no littles in the pics either, same reason. I will add a pic of my present just cuz I made it myself. I also have a baby blankie and some booties but new baby doesn't have a name yet so I will wait until she arrives and gift those then since there is a large blank space on the blankie for her name. I had fun today even if it involved pseudo poo.

Just an interesting note, well I thought it was anyway, Piper has been picking the sequins off of a little purse that the girls play with and well. I found out yesterday that she ate a few of the red ones, you can guess how I knew.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

40 Cups of Coffee, Thank you Ella Mae

I took Logan to his Kindergarten physical appointment today. He did really well. He is in the 25th percentile for weight following his own curve and at 43 inches tall he is pretty small but growing well. No shots, just a finger poke. He told the nurse he was in 2nd grade when she asked. Next we went to Walmart to get some groceries. For some reason I was stressed out during most of the trip. I think it's because I had left my list at home, so I worried about forgetting something and spending too much money. Could it have been Logan moving at a snail's pace directly in front of my cart the whole way or maybe that he was doing helicopter arms and knocking things off the shelves or that he was throwing items into the cart and getting in and out of the cart repeatedly? I don't know why, it should have been easier than dragging 4 under 5 year olds but it wasn't. I almost lost it when he took 2 styrofoam craft balls the size of softballs and shoved them up inside his shirt...yes they look like boobs and the other 3 ladies in the isle at the time thought it was funny, I wanted to crawl under the shelf and hide. My response was to tell him that we don't pick up things we are not going to purchase-I completely ignored the whole booby thing. We got through the check out line and went in to "pretend" to play the video games for about 10 minutes before going to the van and packing 2 carts full of groceries in there. We still had to go to another store because Wm was out of chocolate milk and plantains. I bought the plantains for making making a new recipe. We went to the drive thru and got a Happy Meal on the way home. We laughed and had some deep conversations about snacks and puppies and music class, I need to make more days like this minus the Walmart trip-or at least bring my list.
Here is a link to a Youtube song, I like the oldies sometimes. This one is called 40 Cups of Coffee and talks about her man not coming home until almost 5, she watches the clock etc...I think she means a.m. but when I listen to it I relate to it better when I think p.m. Gary where are you it's almost 4:30 pm, I'll drink more coffee and hope you come home soon... Thank you Ella Mae Morse

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Tightwad Goes to an Amusement Park

The music has temporarily changed in honor of this post or shall I say because of the stroller? When we were there we heard so many comments about it, I stopped counting after about 30 people said "Wow, that's cool" or " Aww that's so adorable". I also heard lots of the typical comments: "you have your hands full, oh look triplets, a blonde-brunette-and a redhead!, are they twins, they aren't triplets are they-but that one is smaller etc..." so all in all the day was wonderful only 1 crappy "oh, I'd kill myself" and the rest was all positive.

We didn't get loaded up and ready to go until almost lunch time but I had planned it that way so we could eat our picnic lunch before we entered the park. Full kids=less whining for overpriced junk foods and drinks. We parked as far away from the other cars as possible so I wasn't worrying about them darting out in front of cars or a freak picking them up and taking them away. We were a good 100ft from the nearest car and there was a nice strip of grass and a big bush for shade. I brought the large cooler filled with foods I had cooked up the night before, I made 2 meals at supper time so we would have food to take. I made home made chicken nuggets from chicken breast, we like them dipped in egg and then cracker crumbs. They were yummy cold. We also had some very plain pasta salad, I left it a little on the dry side (to cut down on the messy hands of toddlers) and added some diced ham and that's about it, the pasta was little wagon wheels so the girls could fork them really easily. A big bowl of grapes and some of the meatloaf from the night before, and a big bowl of jello salad with oranges. Everyone ate the lunch and got full while Daddy set up the strollers and Mommy packed up the diaper bag and filled sippies. We took crackers and dry cereal into the park as well as bottled water.

We had discussed the rides, looked online at them and we all knew our way around so each of the boys picked a couple rides that they really wanted to ride, we did those first so that if things went south we could make a run for it and still be ok with heading home. We managed to get in all the rides and let the girls ride some kiddy rides, we watched the Circus (kinda lame this year) and the kids all did wonderful. The girls ran around but stayed close to us and the area by the Raging River ride was nice and shady and they couldn't go too far. When it was time to get back in the stroller and move on they did it without fussing as long as we were moving. Piper spotted a seeing eye dog and spent a lot of time petting it and she also made friends with a little girl and a lady working at the tee shirt stand. We played no games-we bought nothing but a small bag of chips and a slush, 1 slush for Levi. The train ride that we went on is set up by a master mind. To get off the train and exit the ride you must go through a candy store! Guess what? Bizzarro Supermom just happened to have non-sticky sweet tart suckers in the diaper bag for everyone! They cost me a quarter on sale at the grocery store and I didn't have to hear anybody whine about not getting to buy that overpriced candy that we were forced to walk by. * (A side note here: Logan is 5 years old and just learned how to use a gumball machine at the store if that tells you anything about how I feel about my kids spending money on junk/trinkets and candy.) We had the tickets from Gary's wonderful employer Ajinomoto for FREE, it would have cost us over $100 just to get in the gate.

After the park we stopped off at Hobby Lobby for a quick supply run and we ate at a buffet restaurant. The girls got more food on the table than in their tummies and the waitress gave us 4 helium balloons to take home. The van was packed full anyway but the added bonus of 4 balloons being squeezed and swatted made the trip home extra special. After 30 min. I had 3 of them on my lap, 1 with no string, trying to keep them out of Gary's face so he could drive. Our trip home was just under 2 hours and we arrived home around 10pm, changed sleeping kids into pajamas and put them to bed. It was lots of fun for all of us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

For the Birds

We had a bad day earlier this week when Logan found a little baby bird and fell in love. Long story short, the dogs got it and we had to have a funeral. So in honor of his little friend we made some pine cone feeders to hang out in hopes the the mama bird would get a treat. We used up some old salad toppings that were getting stale and we had the pine cones from the other day when we gathered them from the yard.

Blog Party Giveaway!

Go here to check out a great give away! Mom's of multiples usually have a shortage of cool clothing...well I do so an awesome new shirt would be well, awesome!

Pamela has a cool blog called and is the mama to Triplet boys born December of 2007. They are Linus, Oliver and Miles. Super cutie patooties too, check out her blog if you want to see some triplet "boy" antics.

I will be updating later this afternoon because the girls are waiting for me to get breakfast right now. They must be out of Cheerios and they are standing at the gate waiting patiently. I have tons of pics to add. See ya later.