Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We play with milk jugs!

The triplets are really into playing with doll babies and doing things like Mommy. It's so cute to see them rocking and singing to the dolls, changing the clothes and diapers and feeding them. They talk to them in a sweet little soothing voice and I just love it. They have strollers to push the dolls in but we didn't have any beds, investing in 3 isn't something I can do right now with our 1 income budget. I love to make things out of recycled items or re purpose something that isn't being used. So I dug into my scrap stash and whipped up 3 sets of blankies and mattresses and sliced some plastic milk jugs in half being careful not to leave any sharp edges. Taa-Daa baby doll beds! They were so thrilled and they played with them all morning. Piper liked her little mattress so much she took it to nap with her. I stuffed them with cut up fleece off of a sweatshirt that was in my stash, not too full, I wanted it to be flat like a mattress. If you have time you could decorate the jugs, I did not. An older child may want to paint or decoupage them. If you are going to decoupage don't buy that expensive stuff, just use school glue mixed with water and cut up some old catalogs or ripped picture books. Remember it's not material things that make great childhood memories it's the experiences-so if you have a preschooler this might be a fun craft.

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