Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Snowing Yellow Pee Pellets!

If I had a quarter for every mess I've had to clean up...........

Today I was thrilled to be able to take my shower before noon. I waited for the elementary bus and then the high school bus to come and pick up the boys. The girls were still sleeping at 7:40 am. It was a miracle. I dashed to get clean mom uniform out of the closet, a big tee shirt and flannel lounge pants of course. I jumped in the shower and tried really hard not to listen for babies and not to worry that a madman would break into the house and take all my kids while I was in there. About 8 minutes later I received 10 bonus energy points for getting a shower done before nap time! I felt great and when I came out the girls were awake singing and “counting” like they do each morning. I knew they were ok in the cribs, they haven’t been climbing out for a while so I ran in and set up for snack. I already made the sippies the night before and put them in the fridge so I just broke a banana into 3 pieces and set everything out on the little picnic table that now sits in the living room for them. I always give them a small snack to buy myself some time while I get coffee and make breakfast.
I also knew they would still have their pajamas on. I started putting the zip up footy kind on them backwards several months ago. That is the only way that they stay dressed in the cribs. I also put the pajamas on for nap and if one of them just won’t keep the clothes on, they get to wear backwards pajamas during the day too. In the beginning I cut the feet off but soon realized that if they were large enough it was not necessary because there is room to just twist the feet around comfortably. Before the backwards pajamas started I used to walk into the room after nap or in the morning to unspeakable messes that involved naked babies and poop.
Now that the girls are 2 years old I let them dress themselves. I just unzip the pjs and pass out pull ups and clothes and they do the rest as long as I leave them in the cribs. Ava needs some help but Chloe and Piper can do it on their own. If I let them out they would just strip and stay naked until I caught them to dress them. Chasing a 22 lb toddler may not sound hard but doing it 3 times is really exhausting and takes about 40 minutes-I timed myself one day.
Today is rainy and chilly here in Iowa and the house is cold. I had to go into the other room to get long sleeved shirts for them. I left for 5 seconds and when I came back Piper was naked, swinging a very wet disposable diaper around her head like a lasso. Just as I told her to give it to me the diaper hit the side of the crib and literally exploded. If this was a sitcom they would have played out this scene in slow motion as the pee soaked gel beads flew all around the room. like yellow snow. They were all over the pile of blankets, pillows and babies that the girls had tossed out of the beds. All over 2 of the cribs and some of them were in Piper’s hair. Everyone screamed. I don’t know if they screamed because they were pelted with pee pellets or because of my reaction of horror. I spent the next 30 minutes brushing the gel off every surface and changing sheets. Then I had to get out the dreaded vacuum. It’s a little Dirt Devil, kinda like the old Dustbuster but it’s on a stick. We only have 2 rooms in the house with carpet (and this is a great example of why) so when the last vac gave out I just bought this little one. For reasons unknown to me, Piper and Chloe are terrified of it. They don’t run away from it though they stand and scream at the edge of the room and won’t leave. Nobody else is home to pick them up and protect them I suppose that’s why, or else they think it’s going to eat me and they don’t want to leave me alone with it. This is strange because when they were about 4 months old Piper went through a stage where she wouldn’t fall asleep in the swings like the others. She would only fall asleep while nursing or if I put her in the sling and ran the vacuum. That worked out ok because that was before we tore out the carpet and put in the wood laminate floors. I have some cute pictures of Austin wearing a sling and running the vacuum with Piper but he probably wouldn’t want those pictures floating around the internet. So I got the mess cleaned up and it just goes to show you that if you have triplets you can’t ever get ahead in this game.

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Angela said...

OhMyGoodness! You sooo get the award of the day, week, maybe even month for that one!!! Love the backward PJ idea...thanks...we'll need it!