Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me alone in a sea of bras

I went out of town today for my 5wk post op check up. Everything is healing well and I have permission to resume all activity and exercise. "Does that mean I can run too?" I asked. "Yes, anything." Dr. says. "Great- I couldn't run before the surgery, but that's great!" badup, bump. Yes I really said that, somebody slap me.
There is a part of my incision that is still scabbing, a kind of oblong shaped section right in the front where there is the most tension in the skin. This is normal. The Dr. picks off the scab each time-this is gross. It's supposed to help it heal faster. Ok...I think it looks like a piece of Terriaki Beef Jerky, the kind that my kids want me to pay $12 for at the gas station.................nah.
So after my appointment I went to Kohls to buy another pair of Spanx, hoping to find a pair on sale. Yup, found a knock off but it was a step up from the chaps from Target I am currently wearing. While I was there I started looking at the bras and panties just because I don't have anything in my drawer that doesn't look like something your grandma would wear. I thought to myself, hmm, I might like a push up bra, a little better cleavage wouldn't be bad for summer. So I walked through the endless sea of bras bumping one here and there and knocking 3 or 4 off of each rack, what the heck? I tried to put them back and apparently they are spring loaded racks, they had 37 bras jammed on a rod meant for 12! I finally found the push up bras.
What, have you seen these things? They felt like the old knee pads I used to wear for Jr. High basketball with some straps attached to them! No thanks. I saw so many bras- big, little, padded, air filled, gel filled, pink, black, red, leopard print you name it I saw it. Even a bra that claims to hide back fat, OMG. Come on ladies, you all must be putting too much effort into your boobs, well obviously somebody is because those things are all selling. You know a boobie lover is a boobie lover however it is presented. For now I'm keeping my beige bra with the elastic hanging out, I think it came from a rummage sale. I ended up buying a pair of cool sun glasses. It took a while to find some that would work with my chipmunk cheeks but they do exist. I will post a pic of them later. We are taking the girls to get their 18 month check ups (2 months late) tomorrow and I hope we don't all pick up the swine flu at the ped's office. Don't worry about the pandemic-just wash your hands and stop picking your nose and it will be ok.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sheepdogs in the creek

The 1st one is named Cowboy. We wanted to name him Rooster Cogburn but it just didn't feel right. The second one is just a pup, his name is Buckshot or Bucky for short. These used to be sheepdogs. Now they are mud dogs. Yuck! They have been in the creek behind our house.This would be a good time to take them to get their spring hair cuts, muhwahahah!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tummy Tuck Before and Afters so far............

Ok......I am guessing that not everybody reading this blog really wants to see my super fat belly in the raw (just the belly) so I am going to post a link at the bottom of the page to my pics. That way nobody gets totally grossed out by my flab!

My Stats:
Height 5'3"

Weights Normal 115 to 120lbs
While pg with triplets over 240lbs~
Pre Surgery 196lbs
4 weeks post op 176lbs

Waist before surgery 48 inches!!!!!
4 weeks after 34 inches

I am not going for Barbie, just healthy. I am very happy with my results so far and it's improving every day. In the "after" pics I was only 3 weeks post op so there is a lot of swelling still, in the tummy and hip area where the drains came out.

I need to update with some 5 weeks po pics next week. I am losing weight every week without even trying. My ab muscles had to be pulled in together a whopping 7 inches. There was nothing holding my insides back, it was gravity making me look pregnant. I felt weak and exercise seemed impossible, having no core strength at all is a really bad way to live. I am not even talking about a person who needs to do crunches here, my Plastic Surgeon told me I could do crunches all day every day and never get a flat stomach with my muscles split that far apart.

I have lost my double chin and that is so cool, who wants two chins? I only wish I could have had the Liposuction done on my butt and hips but we didn't win the lottery so I have to work it off the old fashioned way,lol the most awesome part of this is that I can wear all of my old shirts and most of my old shorts. The shorts i have were from when we were doing IVF cycles and I was bloated from all the injected hormones so they fit me now and are already starting to get loose.

You should be able to go down the page to a link with the pics, I am warning you it's not pretty.

Make Your Own No Spill Snack Containers

I have wanted to buy those Snack Traps for a few months and can't force myself to spend the money on them. So I did what I always do, I made my own. This test set was made with baby food containers from Walmart. I suggest using a larger container because the only the smaller babies can get into these. I will try a couple Coolwhip containers next time. Make sure that when you cut the lids that you are trimming off the pointy edges so nobody feels like they are sticking their hand into a sharks mouth to get their snacks. If you make the holes "loose" only use larger snacks. You can't expect some Cheerios to stay in there if your toddler is shaking them about-and they will shake them. Shaped crackers or things of that nature work better. If you get a smarty pants that figures out how to pull the lid of with her teeth (Piper did it) just put some duct tape around it, heck it was free so if you have to throw it out into the Recycle bin after a few uses no big deal.

Dancing at Breakfast

This is one of my favorite clips of the girls so far. I know-Ava looks as if she is chewing her cud while she is dancing. It is a blueberry pancake, being chewed for the first time. 2nd on the clip is Piper who stops dancing and then starts again and the last little girl would be Chloe. Chloe was sick that morning, therefore no dancing or eating, just a sweet little smile and a shake of the finger. She was saying "hey don't film me when I don't feel well."

A Bit of Crafty Repurposing, Is That a Word?

Last Christmas Grandma and Grandpa gave Logan a bag of blocks, that were foam with a wood look. Awesome because they looked like wood but the kids couldn't use them for weapons and they wouldn't cause injury from being thrown, not that any body here would throw toys-yea right. So anyway, the zipper broke on the plastic bag pretty quickly. Bummer.

Logan has a fleece half zip Spiderman sweatshirt that he really likes and it's too small for him. Wha-La make a block bag from it. EZ PZ! Chop off the sleeves and make a handle with the Spiderman from the sleeve placed on the top of the handle. Sew up the bottom and sleeve holes. The zipper is there to open up for piling in the blocks and then zip up so they don't fall out. I left the neck open so it's kinda like a "bag". He loves it and the blocks are not spilling out all over any more.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day Give Away!!

I am adding a link for a super Mother's Day give away. Just go to The Moran Family Blog and leave a comment to be entered. The drawing is for a mommy Sterling Stamped necklace, go and leave a comment to get yourself entered. Thank you Emmy-Lou Designs and Moran Family Blog!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Toys all over the floor because...........

People who don't live in my home don't understand why we don't just pick up the toys.

WE DO. But every time we put a toy box or laundry basket in the "baby pit" area this is what happens. So just deal with the toys on the floor .

Hey I just found out that the leather chair we have in the living room has a zipper on the back of the head rest if you flip it up. Super! And the stuffing can be pulled out and thrown all over the house!
Please note the duct tape around Chloe's legs, and the pants under the onsie. This was Levi's solution to the stripping yesterday, hey, it worked.

The Oatmeal Stand, The Turd and my PMS

First off when I say the "turd" I'm not talking about one of my kids-this time. There was actually a real piece of poop. I know the anticipation is killing you, where was it you are wondering?! Well, it was on the shelf by the changing table. I found it there this morning when I was laying out the baby outfits. It was all covered in baby powder and kinda looked like a Mexican Wedding cookie. But no it was poop, had it been a cookie I would have eaten it. I can only assume that somebody(not me) changed a diaper and lay the diaper on the shelf, this happens a lot and when it's a diaper changer of the male species they often leave the diaper there for me to come along and dispose of. So I probably picked up the diaper last night and the cookie-poop rolled out and lay on the shelf overnight. What a wonderful way to start to my morning.

I don't feel well today, I have PMS or PMDD or whatever. I just want to put a sign on my neck that says "leave the alone or else". I used to think it was really lame when the girls in gym class got a note to skip p.e. because of cramps. What? Just deal with it and take some Tylenol like I do. Well, 25 years later I want my note!!! I want excused for the day, and tomorrow too. I want to go to bed and eat ice cream and sleep! Tylenol doesn't work for what I have. I eat Midol like it's candy just to stay awake and keep from ripping somebody's head off. I can feel it on my face, it must look like I am pissed. I am smiling while I sing and play with the babies and pretend that things like poop don't bother me. I crave chocolate. I am bloated. I am exhausted. I asked my Dr. about it and he gave me Lexapro last year. I couldn't remember to take it so I quit. I need something that I can take on these few days before my period-no I won't drink while I am in charge of the littles, any other suggestions?

The picture you see might look like a smashed up empty diaper wipes container. Don't be fooled. It's clearly an oatmeal stand. Considering my previously mentioned mood and the fact that I am really not supposed to be lifting all the babies yet. I decided to make instant oatmeal and feed it to them from the living room chair. No messy hands/no lifting and no cleaning of the highchair trays! It worked out pretty good except for the brawl over the "oatmeal stand" apparently oatmeal tastes much better if you eat it while elevated on a stand and smoosh yourself in the armpit of the person spooning it out. Who knew?

I think I smell a batch of Mexican wedding cookies brewing so I better go for now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wagon Ride Part TWO

Gary came home from work and I'm not sure what the deal was but he hooked up the trailer/wagon that was full of non burnable junk from the chicken shed to the mini van. He has an old truck but the 4 wheel drive doesn't work in it, so he uses the van. I think he just wanted to move it out of the back yard, planning to take it to the landfill on Saturday morning.
He and Austin decided to pick up a pile of wood from the other side of the yard from a tree they had cut down last fall. (We burn wood for heat). Gary backed up too far and they had trouble getting the wagon pulled out because our dumb yard is full of hills, there is not a level spot in the whole back yard. Here is a pic of some smoke from the tires as he tried to pull it out, the 2 bigger boys were also pushing from behind. I was on the deck with the girls yelling at him to stop before he burned up the motor in my van. I was of course taunting him and making fun. Then he decided to back up FARTHER DOWN THE HILL!!! He wanted to get a run for it. DUH. Ok so there they go and I snap the pic, smoke and all. Well I wish I was a little quicker with the camera because next thing I know, everyone is yelling and I looked up and there goes the wagon all by itself backwards down the hill! It went all the way down and was only stopped by a bunch of brush. Another few feet and it would have been down the wash out and in the creek! I snapped some shots of the end result but totally missed the action shots. Darn.
I had no idea that Gary had called a neighbor that owns a "real truck" to pull the stupid wagon out. So we were in the front yard pulling the girls in the wagon and trying to get a picture of them when he pulled up. I was out there in my old maternity shorts with my spanx showing under them. Think "Mama's Family" support hose. Gee thanks for telling me to expect somebody. Not that he gave a crap what I looked like at all but you know what that feels like to look so stupid and have somebody see you? Also the last time I saw him was 20 years ago and I was dating one of his best buddies! I am older and about 75lbs heavier so I doubt if he has made the connection of who I am, at least I hope not. That is the kind of anti social person I have become, eek. This neighbor is a really nice guy and has pulled Gary and Austin out a few times. I can't help it-my husband is like a Clark Griswold! He is always doing crap like that. I added a picture of my leg so you can see my awesome spanx showing under the old shorts-cool.

Big and Little

Mama with Chloe

Chloe is in the middle for height.

Piper is the tallest and Ava is the shortest. This may all change as they get older of course. When they were born Piper was the teeny little one at 3lbs. 13 oz.

Just cute

Libby Lou and Buckshot

Ava and Chloe



Ava with a runny nose (oops)


The Wagon Ride Part ONE

This is the sweet part of the day, the simple cuteness of a wagon full of bows, piggy tails and sundresses. This is the way I dream my life is, but in reality this only lasted about 10 minutes. I hope that my little cuties bring a smile to your face and then you can go on to part TWO of the wagon ride and probably be shocked. Again my blog is called Bizzarro Supermom and I live in Bizzarro World. Now for the cuteness.

Boys are gross........

I had my first son 19 years ago. I have had a houseful of boys for the last 15 or so years including stepsons and some foster sons. See a theme here? All boys. Gary and I had a combination of 6 boys and 3 foster sons when we decided to try for a girl. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. We got 3 girls.
Nothing scares me or shocks me anymore- when it comes to children anyway, and boys are gross. I actually figured that out in elementary school when a class mate who shall remain nameless ate paste in Kindergarten, another boy ate boogars, one swallowed a live fly and yet another smashed some guppies with his thumb. That last one still grosses me out to think about it. I have to add that the guppy killer is a very successful business man today and as far as I know has not became a serial killer.
My little darling Austin gather some pigs tails and shoved them into his coat pocket when he was about 2yrs old. He was with my dad who was docking the tails of the baby pigs. This is a common practice, if the tails are left long-the other pigs will chew them and they will become infected or whatever. I have never again stuck my hand into the pockets of anybody elses clothing. I will wash your gum, wallet, ink pen or any other thing you may forget to take out because my rule is empty your own pockets. THE PICS ARE FROM TODAY, I COULD ADD COUNTLESS PICS OF FROGS AND OTHER BOYISH THINGS BUT THEY ARE ON THE OTHER COMPUTER, ANOTHER DAY I GUESS. AUSTIN WAS SHOWING OFF HIS FRESH SUNBURN AND DOESN'T KNOW MOM IS ADDING IT TO THE BLOG. :)

Child proofing for triplets is impossible!

If you leave them for a moment there is trouble. You have to though-how else will they get fed, how would I go to the bathroom or at least keep a path to walk through in the house? So the solution is to baby proof the entire house right? HOW? So far we have went through every style and brand of drawer latches and none of them are triplet proof, at least not for these 3! We have a dresser in the living room because of the lack of space in the too small house we live in-you do what ya gotta do, ya know? So anyway, we had to turn the dresser around to face the wall because they just would not stop dumping the drawers. Here are some pics of the dresser facing the wall and you can see the first set of dumb things that did not work. They were adhesive straps, they ripped them off within minutes and then proceeded to pick and pull until the sticky part was completely off.

I recall watching one of those multiples shows years ago on TLC or something, (I'm thinking it was the Dilley 6 but I'm not sure) the parents had put the baby gates on the door 2 high and then greased the bars so they couldn't climb them. I used to think that was a bit extreme but now I completely understand. I see the wreck that 3 can make I can't stand to think about 6 at one time. But then again I do this by myself with the 3 all day.

Spanx update: target knock offs are crappy

You have to read the first post about my Spanx to fully understand this one :) I still hate the Target brand ones I bought and now the hole I created has run. Now they look a lot like a freaky pair of chaps! Sorry no pics for this post!

The chicken outhouse is coming down!

I like chickens. More than chickens, I love having and endless supply of fresh eggs, I know what the birds are eating and how they are treated, I like the darker color of the yolks from them getting to run around and eat grass. I love to watch them chase bugs and it's fun to throw out some popcorn or scraps to them.
A couple of weeks ago we had a bad week with the coyotes. There happens to be a large pack of them that live in the timber that surrounds our home. They had been staying away because of our 2 sheepdogs, but this year the pack is bigger and braver. I lost my Easter egger a couple of months ago, she was one of my favorite hens, she laid blue-green eggs. They recently wiped out my male goose and all 11 hens in a matter of 8 nights. We gave away the female goose this weekend because she was lonely and really needed to go to a farm with other geese. So now we have no poultry at all. SO, the hillbilly chicken coop has got to go. It really served it's purpose well but it looked like an outhouse. Austin worked hard on it last summer and really utilized the scrap lumber we had along with whatever else was free. What can I say, we are on such a tight budget with so many kids and one income and besides I tend to lean toward the green side, I am the moderator of our county Freecycle group.
The yard looks like a trash heap right now and needs a lot of work. Austin is taking care of a lot of that and Levi is jumping in when he can, it's his nature to be destructive so tearing down things is fun for him. Gary really wants to get out there a lot too but I am usually begging for help with the girls when he comes home from work.
My goal is to take the yard from Hillbillyville to a great fenced in play area for the littles. It will be done soon I hope. Here are a few pics of the progress. I plan on starting up with chickens and a huge garden when the girls are a little bit older and require less of my undivided attention, when will that be?

I will not let them win!

I woke up before the girls and loaded my bloodstream with caffeine before I heard the first chatters coming from the bedroom. I had the sippies full and set out I had some Fruit Loops sitting out for them and already took some Advil. I was pumped and ready to take them on.

As soon as the bus drove away with the 2 older boys on board, I heard the monkey talk beginning. As oldest ds lay in bed NOT helping me lift and chase I went to let them out of their cribs. I swiftly changed and dressed all 3 without a fuss. 5 min. later Chloe was completely naked. Great, I learned yesterday that after 2 weeks of containing her in turtle neck onesies that she had figured out how to slither out of them too. She does not unsnap them she goes out the neck hole. That's whey I had to go from regular onesies to the turtle necks. She is like the Houdini of clothing. So after chasing her down and taping her diaper up (we are still using disposables until I can safely carry the bucket up and down the stairs by myself to wash the cloth) and re-dressing her about 3 times I found a pair of bib overalls to put on her. I had them cinched up to the max so she couldn't easily slide her arms out. Don't get me wrong they were not uncomfortable but the strap wasn't about to slide down her arm. Boy was she pissed! She has stayed dressed the rest of the day so far but when she figures those out I am prepared to turn them around and let her wear them backwards. She and Piper already wear their zip up jammies turned around so the zipper is in the back, the feet had to be cut off to do that but that's better than finding out that they slept naked half the night because they woke up and took off all their jammies and diaper. Yea, that happened. I don't know why they like to strip all of their clothes off, or where they get that from. I haven't done that since I stopped drinking Tequila.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming soon before and after pics!

I will post the pics in a couple of weeks. I will not post befores until I feel comfortable with the afters,lol. I still have some swelling and have just started walking so I want to lose a little more. I won't be a Barbie-at this point I still weigh 180lbs. I feel ok saying that because if you think that's fat well, go suck it. I don't care, I weighed over 240lbs while pregnant with the triplets and I'm only 5'2" so I figure I'm doing damn good. Granted most of my life I weighed around 110lbs but I think more of you reading this are probably closer to my currant weight and situation, I think a size 14 is average and well it's my blog so that's what it will be in my world. I just want to lose enough to fit into clothes easily. I still have boobs at this point so I actually kinda like everything except my butt, it needs lots of work and that's ok. I am happy and that's what counts. Besides if you weigh 110lbs you probably are at the gym or off someplace not eating instead of reading this blog. I traded my cute butt for 3 beautiful little girls!

Easter Bunny purses and bean bag

I stayed up waaay too late on Sat before Easter sewing some bunny purses for the girls and a bean bag for Logan. They turned out sweet but Logan thought the bean bag was dumb because it didn't "do" anything. I said if the Easter bunny heard him say that he would leave bunny poops in his basket next year.

20 days post op

I had an appt. today and the doc says I'm doing great. I can ditch the binder in a week and start a more vigorous exercise program then too. Tonight I walked in the park, no idea how far but my husband complained that his little bird legs hurt so it must be a good distance. I didn't feel bad at all. The nurse had told me at my appointment that some people come in at 20 days in a wheel chair so she was impressed to see me bouncin' around and doing great. We talked about pain tolerance. If you don't have a very high tolerance for pain than you don't push yourself and it just takes longer to heal. I feel no pain from the surgery at all, the first 3 days I was sore but not bad. I am also hyper so I don't like to sit still for long and the pain medicine made me sleepy, I hate that so I stopped taking it after about 4 or 5 days. I also got permission to lift the babies! Yay! We are all happier now. Oh yea, I had a fluid pocket behind my new belly button so the dr. dug in behind it and drained it and he found the tail of a stitch that they could not get last time so he pulled it out too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I love/hate my Spanx!

Because of the recent surgery, I have to wear the Spanx 24/7. Only to be removed to shower. I love them because they hold me in and make me feel supported around the incision sites. I love them because they make me feel thinner. I hate them because sometimes they make me itch. I think it's kinda weird but very convenient that there is a seam in the crotch that you can pee out of without peeling them down every time. I have the kind that go up to your boobies and down like bicycle shorts too. I had a black pair on and only a tee shirt and was up really late sewing last week. Austin my 19 yr old son walked in and said I looked like Lance Armstrong in them. I said "o geez, does is show that I only have 1 testicle?!" "or do you mean I look lean and thin like a cyclist?" He said "yea, whatever you want to think." I paid $36 for them at Lane Bryant and the sales girl was super cool, helped me get the right size, I think they are a D or also known as short/tubby.
Side note- I also bought a pair of Target knock offs. Saved $16 in the process too. I had to have a spare pair because you don't wear panties with them and well duh. Besides my incision still bleeds from time to time. BUT- After putting on the Target brand for the first time, right out of the shower, I realize something. Keep in mind that putting these suckers on is not easy, think what it would be like to try to squeeze yourself into a really long tube sock. It's a pain in the pattooty. Well I got the suckers on and then went about my business. A couple of hours later I had to pee, (think Gomer Pyle) SURPRIZE-SURPRIZE!!! WELL GAAAALLLLLYY! There is no freakin' seam in the crotch area! Still being on some pain meds at that point and a Valium here and there, my reaction was quite simple. I took the scissors and made a slice in the crotch area, yes while wearing them and all is well. I tried to contain it to the part where the cotton crotch was so it wouldn't run but it is quite a bit larger than it needed to be. Oh well, at least I can pee.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I might get my stitches out tomorrow. RATED PG for TMI

Ok I should really be sleeping right now. I have to make a 2 hour drive to go see the plastic surgeon about getting my stitches and maybe one of these annoying drains out. I asked my mom to go and she has an another appointment that she couldn't change. My friends work during the day or only talk to me online and are not "real" friends. I am lame, have no social life. That's why I am telling my blog about my anxiety about tomorrow's appointment.

I am super happy with the results of the tummy tuck and all the wonderful flatness of my tummy. I am concerned about one thing. I have to undress down to the undies and the nurse will take out my stitches. Since the surgery-everything was pulled up and pulled down to meet in the middle where the massive row of stitches meets and goes from hip to hip. Well guess what? My pubes are right up there in the row of stitches! Why didn't they shave them first? Was I supposed to shave them? Am I supposed to shave them now? I tried to trim them with the scissors and that wasn't so easy. Geesh they shave you if you have a c-section for crying out loud. Oh yea and I don't have any matching bra and panties. Not that the dr. is going to give a crap but I feel kinda stupid wearing my old lady beige bra and my old underwear with the worn out elastic. I should go buy some new but if I keep losing weight I don't want to waste the money on a big size. At least when I go to the gyno I can hide my underwear under my other clothes so they don't see them, come on I know you all do it too. Even your nice underwear you hide them under your other clothes, why I don't know the gyno is going to see it all anyway, why not the underduds?

The evolution of the cake pop.

Last night after the little ones went to bed I stayed up to dip the cake pops. I will never make them again. Bakerella has an addiction to them but then again I don't recall her having 6 kids including almost 2 yr old triplets, she must have more time on her hands. I am all for creative activities but this one sucked for me. I baked the cakes the day before, rolled them into balls and put in the freezer for a short time just like I was supposed to and when I dipped them that's when bunny hell broke loose.

First I had to use "good n plenty" candies for the ears because there was no store withing a 20 mile radius that had any pastel candy corn. So right away they were "off" Levi tells me that they looked more like gerbils than rabbits. Gee thanks. So Levi my 13 yr old smart mouth son is helping. Anything to stay up past his bed time. He is holding them after I coat them and he starts freaking out saying "I think it's going to fall off in to the dip! What if it does?" I calmly say, "I will punch you in the head if you drop it into the almond bark." He replies "yea, but then I will drop the other one too." At that point he starts laughing like a hyena. As he laughs the rabbits on sticks he is holding over the dipping chocolate start shaking violently as his laughter is out of control. He is tired and when he gets tired he does like me, and gets really loopy. So I am begging my husband to come in and replace him because once he starts to laugh it's just over. Gary says no he has no interest in decorating Easter Gerbils on stick and wants to know why I just don't send some crackers to school or something. ! What! just send crackers on Logan's special snack day? That would be so lame. Not like I could pull some special magical crackers out of the pantry anyway but I'd rather die than send some saltines on my poor little boys snack day. He gets ripped off a lot because of the whole troop of little sisters thing happening. The poor kid-he was so great about it too. I really tried to include him as much as possible in every single thing I did when the girls were little. We have some pics of him asleep on my lap with all the babies too.

But anyway back to the cake pops, they were too heavy and about half of them were falling off the sticks, I guess I made them too big. So I ended up putting them all in cupcake papers and pulling the ones off the sticks that had survived. I wanted them to all be the same so that's how they went to school the next morning. Logan said all his friends at them so I guess they were OK. The left over ones were made into cake ball kabobs by Levi and snarfed up almost immediately. Next time I'm sticking to cupcakes or some wonderful store bought treat.