Monday, March 23, 2009

So here it is, the first official glimpse into my world. I started out my day getting the kids off to school. W is in 8th grade and L is in PK, they ride the same bus. The bus was exactly 2 minutes early today which completely screwed up W, he waits until the last minute to put on his shoes and get out the door. He was in his sock feet and had not yet taken his medicine (he has ADHD) so the bus driver had to wait for him. Sometimes it's L that's running behind but today it wasn't.

I then checked my email and searched for a clean glass to have a morning Mt. Dew. Making coffee is too much work. I love coffee but it annoys me to have to pour the water, my coffee machine has no carafe (I think that's the word) and the part you are supposed to fill and measure the water with really sucks. The pour spout is too tiny so the water usually goes all over the counter. Anyway...I had to take 2 glasses out of the cupboard before I had one that didn't have crud in it. "What" you say, "crud in your glasses?" Yea, the dishwasher doesn't do a very good job sometimes. I think when little helpers load dishes that still have food on them, that's when it happens. The crumbs fly around in the dishwasher and redistribute on my glasses. Now I 'm not saying I rinse everything either but my dishwasher can't handle a cup of baked beans left in the bottom of a pan.

By this time the girls (triplets) are waking up so I scurry around to get some sippies and grapes ready for them. I set them free in the safety zone and they play and eat while I change and dress them one at a time. We did breakfast and more playtime/story time another diaper change and then its nap time. It's not nearly as easy as that sounds, I am just condensing for today.

Today I colored my hair and took a shower during nap time. I have not colored my hair in over 9 months and it was looking pretty sad. I put the color on my hair and the phone rang twice during the process. Is it me or is the phone really annoying? I set the timer, and began to unload the dishwasher. I didn't get very far though because I discovered that somebody had opened it last night and failed to set the timer again. It is set on a timer at night in an effort to reduce the noise in the evenings. It's noisy enough.

When I finally made it to the shower-my first one in 2 days- I took the baby monitor in the bathroom with me so I could hear the babies if they woke up. I hurried to get in before my hair fell out from the color treatment being left in too long. I rinsed and then I was supposed to put this conditioning treatment in my hair. It was in a stupid envelope that is impossible to open while your hands are wet. How are you supposed to have dry hands if you are washing your hair? I hate things like that. I also hate the Hillshire Farms airplane lunch meat weirdo commercial that is on TV right now. But anyway, the phone rang 2 more times while I was drying off. Is it just me or is it normal for your blood pressure to raise because the phone rings? I would shut it off but I know that shutting it off would cause an accident or one of my kids would fall and break their arm at school or I would never know that I won a million dollar prize.

Part of my stress about the phone is that I never get time alone for more than a few minutes and when I am alone I don't want to be bothered! The other part is that I am waiting on news about my mammogram, I had to get my first one done at age 38 because I had some swelling and pain in my under arm area. I have a family history of breast cancer so better safe than sorry. I am also waiting on news from the insurance company about getting my pre-cert for surgery. I am going against the clock here on this one. I have to have the surgery done before the end of the month or we will have to pay deductibles on the insurance. It all starts over in April and our deductible is $6,000. So if it's not done in March it won't get done until we have paid the deductible or saved up some money. My surgery (thank you for asking) is to repair a severe muscle separation, hernia and a tummy tuck. Having triplets wreaks havoc on the body. I appear to be 8 months pregnant at this time 19 months later. How are you supposed to find pants that fit when your stomach measurements are a size 16 and the rest of you is about a 10? Oh yea, the maternity section of your local Wal-Mart. Do you know how sick I am of wearing my maternity clothes and pajama pants? Not all women have this problem just from having triplets, but I had been pregnant 4 times before this one and I am only 5' 2", so with the weight gain required to have 3 healthy babies, my muscles just gave out on me. I used to be thin and I used to exercise every day. When you have 3 infants 3 older kids and a husband to take care of with no help-exercise is put on the back burner. No time and no energy. The monkeys are wakin' up and I have to put together some lunch.

UPDATE: I had my surgery almost 2 weeks ago. It went great. There was no hernia but the muscle separation was bad. The plastic surgeon had to pull my muscles in a whopping 7 inches and sew them up layer by layer. The lovely slab that he cut off that included my ugly vertical scar and belly button weighed 8 pounds! Wow. The first thing I said when I wok up was wow I can see the top of my thighs. :) So there is very little pain and I would do it again in a heartbeat, I highly recommend it and if you live in Iowa send me a note and I will let you know who my ps is, he is awesome! My mamo came out normal too by the way.