Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play Kitchen from an Entertainment Center

BEFORE:scroll down to see the after pics, blogger photo is not working with me today.
What we did while mom wrapped presents in the other room...

We have 4 shopping carts now, my living room looks like a shopping center parking lot.

Piper, the reluctant princess.

Chloe loves the bling.

Chloe, Ava, Piper and Logan

This is what I used for the curtains, I love this fabric! I thought about using my Michael Miller "Dick and Jane" fabric but it has more reds and blues so I went with this one and it matches perfect.

Yummy cookies baking in the oven! (this pic was taken before we touched up the paint around the hinges)


So here are the pictures finally! We finished up the day after Christmas. Gary cut the holes for the sink and faucets and put on the door, moved the hinges from the side to the bottom for the oven door. Levi did 3 coats of the paint in record time, it's Cha-Cha Pink Dutch Boy. On Christmas day Grandpa Eissens helped cut out the knobs and burners. I painted the knobs and burners, sewed the curtains and gave instructions on how I wanted it done lol.

Cost: We already had the entertainment center in the basement and it was ready for the dump, we used scrap pieces of plywood to replace the back and for the knobs and burners, also to add the refrigerator door. We used the handles that were on the original but moved them to the new door and placed one on the top of the oven door. I bought 2 packages of hinges for around $2 each, 1 curtain rod $1.79, the sink is a bowl that we had, the faucet was on clearance for $6 (I would have preferred a kitchen faucet but would not pay full price), the paint was $13 minus a $5 rebate, the fabric came from my fabric stash so the whole thing only cost around $20.00! The picture on the oven door is an actual picture of gingersnaps baking in my oven, I just enlarged it and printed it off and slid it into a plastic sleeve before gluing it on. I am very happy with the way it turned out and I am sure that the girls will play with it for years to come. I plan on sewing them some aprons and a chef's hat for Logan soon and for the girl's birthday in August I want to sew up a bunch of play food. Right now they are mainly cooking and feeding the dollies but as they get older they will get into the play foods more. I hope you enjoyed this :) I'm going to blog a little less and craft a little more, I need to build up my inventory for my Etsy store so I can get it up and running full force. It's getting harder to do anything while the girls are awake, because the minute I'm not looking they are climbing or getting into something crazy, especially Piper. Right now she has on her brothers snow pants and is standing on top of the dog crate reaching for a shelf of Cherished Teddies! We are also making some progress in the area of potty training, Ava goes almost every time and Chloe is catching on too, Piper just says "no way" when I try to get her to go. We are far from cloth training pants but at least we are using less diapers ,Yay!! But as you can imagine the girls are really taking a lot of time and require lots of attention, this is nothing new but now that they are getting into more stuff I can't keep up as easily, so there may be fewer posts, we'll see. I can't wait until spring and playtime outside!!


Helen said...

Aren't you thrifty and crafty! Wow! I'm impressed!

And I totally cracked up at the pictures of what happened while you were wrapping presents!

Angela said...

It turned out soooo cute! I couldn't picture it before! That's why you're the creative one! And it will last 4ever too! Great job! And ummmmmm the pics of your girls and their artwork worries me about our future over here with multiples! Multiply the fun and mess!

Amy said...

Thanks :) I was in the bedroom with the gate up so I could keep the door open, I thought they were watching Little Bear and eating a snack at least they were when I left the room. Piper pushed the recliner (we have wood floors)over to the shelf and climbed up to reach the markers. They were labeled as washable but they left bad stains on the girls' skin until the 2nd bath. lol.

Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

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