Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oops it's not in a can!

I woke up this morning extra tired. I think the late night grocery shopping from Sunday night has caught up with me. Not good considering it's going to be a very busy day. We are splitting up the kids tonight because we are supposed to be in two places at the same time "again". Daddy is taking 2 of the girls to the wrestling meet and I am taking Logan and 1 of the girls to the Christmas Program. If I get done in time I will go over to the wrestling meet when the program is over. Considering the program is at 7pm and that's what time Logan usually goes to bed on a school night this should be interesting. I will probably pay for it the rest of the week.
I cooked a turkey today, Levi brought it up from the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw, we didn't get turkey on Thanksgiving so he was hungry for some. I put it in this morning and it was done around noon so the girls had some for lunch. For some reason the smell of the turkey in the oven made me want some pumpkin maple custard. I cracked the 4 eggs and added the maple syrup to the mixing bowl. After searching the small pantry and not finding the can of pumpkin that I was sure was in there, I moved the search to the hallway pantry. This pantry was originally a coat closet but Austin put up some shelves in it for me when we moved here because the kitchen is just too small for this big family. I had just cleaned the hallway pantry yesterday and didn't remember seeing a can of pumpkin but for some reason I was convinced that I had some pumpkin someplace. When I opened the door I realized my mistake, there sat a pie pumpkin but no canned pumpkin! Well I was not about to seed, bake and puree a pumpkin after baking a turkey all morning. After searching for recipes I decided to add some more eggs and some milk to the egg and syrup mixture pour it over some bread cubes and turn it into crockpot french toast. I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get out the small crockpot because it was about the last thing in the back of the cupboard underneath the picnic basket and the griddle. Why does it hurt so bad to crawl on my knees now? I don't understand that at all, my knees are fat now, why doesn't that work as a padding? So anyway I put the mixture into the crockpot and made room (crammed it in) in the fridge. I will plug it in tonight and we can have some French Toast for breakfast in the morning.


Angela said...

I'm tired out after reading your posts! You are amazing! I need an outlet other than blogging as well. We're re-org. an extra room for one of our trips to sleep in. So she can cry it out. They seem to be on their way to 1 nap a day. When did your's do the 1 nap thing. Do you know how long they napped for? The only thing is is that I still want them to have quiet time in around 4pm. I don't care if they sleep or not, just down time. This is our 2nd day! Great job on the coupons at Walgreen's, I'm obviously missing out there. Except for our Santa pics at Walgreens...check those out! Merry Christmas!

aha moments said...

Ok I gotta share this one. If for no other reason than to nod toward your "oops it's not in a can" heading.
Our kids new favorite breakfast does come in can. And no, it's not tuna fish, it's pancakes! Spray-on instant organic ones from Batter Blaster. THe kids have flipped out, it's all they want to eat. Now me I still prefer mine from scratch but when we're in a rush out comes the goofy yellow can.
Weird, but hey at least it's something warm to eat before school.