Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! I have been so busy lately with the kids and trying to keep up with the housework. I have had 2 root canals since the last post, Piper and Chloe went through a stage of climbing out of bed about 20 times each at nap time and that really took a toll on my schedule! For about 2 weeks solid I got absolutely nothing done at nap time, ugh. Logan was sick and home from school for 3 days last week and having an extra one home all day means more bickering and when he is sick he can be so demanding and he was throwing up too, Piper had ear infection and then hives after 8 days on medicine. I have decided that she is allergic to the Target brand fabric softener. The bad news is that there are about 15 loads of "clean laundry" downstairs that needs to be folded and put away, and I have no idea which loads have the offending fabric softener in them. Piper is bigger in size but Chloe can usually wear most of the same things so I am separating the newest "clean" loads for Piper to wear with the old fabric softener in it and the other loads will be kept away from her, a pain in the butt yes but better than trying to sort and rinse/dry tons of laundry. Speaking of laundry I went down to fold some clothes and wash one last load for the day around 9pm after the 4 youngest were soundly sleeping, I had to round up some work clothes for Gary-there were lots of clean work clothes but they were mixed in with all the other clean laundry. I think there are about a dozen loads of dirty laundry at that point, and most of the sheets on the 6 beds are going to be added to that in a day or two and the blankets and comforters are going to need to be washed soon. I was sorting and matching socks when Levi yelled "Mom! Come here!" I looked over and he was pointing to the floor. The drain pipe from the washer was disconnected and all of the water draining from the machine was spraying out onto the floor and the piles of dirty laundry! Yikes! The water spread from one end of the basement to the other and soaked books, rugs, stuffed animals, coats and yes the whole pile of dirty laundry! It was a terrible mess, now I have to rush to get all of that soaking wet laundry washed before it gets moldy. Yuck. So I hope everybody can see some of the reasons that I haven't been posting as much lol. We also have 1 son in High School Wrestling and 1 son doing Saturday basketball, I usually do some of the grocery shopping on the weekends but may have to change that. I changed the bath time routine for the girls, I used to do it in the evening as part of the bedtime routine but Levi has to be picked up from practice about the time we normally put them in the bath. Daytime baths allow me to let them have more playtime in the tub, not just in and out assembly line bathing and dressing. I can let them play while I get some cleaning done in the bathroom. This means the bathroom will be cleaned more frequently and will stay better organized. The only thing bad was that they watched me clean the toilet and Piper did the "monkey see, monkey do" thing later that day. She got into the bathroom and dumped a whole bottle of shampoo all over the toilet and sink! Well I'm going to wrap this up now and head to bed, I'm so tired my eyes are crossing. The picture is of Libby our poor chubby little Jack-Rat, I forgot to feed her so she got into the trash and decided to get her own food. The other picture is of my Walgreens deal. The total before coupons was $63.00, after my coupons and register rewards it only cost me $10.00 for ALL of that stuff!! There are 2 boxes of Kleenex, 3 bags of floss piks, 6 Barbie and Spiderman toothbrushes and some kids mouthwash, 8 holiday pencils, 2 bottles of laundry soap, 2 rolls of scotch tape, a pkg of hair ties, Dawn dish soap and a Fusion razor. TEN bucks! I love doing that. I only bought the deoderant because they are black and gold and Levi wanted one, I didn't have a coupon but did get $2 back in register rewards, I could have kept my total down to around $5.00 if he didn't see those and want them lol.

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Shane & Renee said...

Oh yeah. We are really cautious anymore on what we let them see us do/perform. On the other hand, we have some great sweepers, vacuumers, and moppers.