Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Pounds of Cinnamon?

Mom put the camera down and read to me!

Today's post is about a craft that I had planned that won't be happening and a Christmas project that I planned that isn't done (or started for that matter) but it better get done before Santa comes!! I am totally using this blog as a way to force Gary into helping with this one. He told me he would help days ago and that just hasn't happened so lets put a little more pressure on him eh? Yes I am really doing this honey. Smile it will be fun and you will get lots of fun out of watching the kids play with it. Oh yea I should tell you guys what the heck I'm talking about right.
First the one that won't get done, I have roughly 4 lbs of Cinnamon that I bought at the Amish bulk foods store a few months ago to make some great smelling clay that was supposed to be made into adorable ornaments. Upon revisiting the web site I had bookmarked with the recipe I discovered that I didn't have enough white school glue to make it happen and unfortunately not enough days left to let them dry anyway, crap. You can find the recipe here. I am going to buy a gallon of school glue next time I see some, I have looked at Walmart and they don't carry it in huge containers. I also want some for making some Oobleck, I bought some liquid starch for making that already too. Click that link and you see some lesson plans for using "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" by Dr. Seuss. I don't home school but I like to do things like that for summer or weekend activities, the more they learn the better right. Ok let's get down to the business of the project that we have to get done. Here is a picture of our old entertainment center that we are making into a kitchen center for the girls.
It's shoved into the corner so I didn't get the best picture but you get the idea. It is going to be a kitchen center with a sink, refrigerator and oven. I need Gary to cut the wood into the right size for the doors, it's already marked and I have the new hinges too so it should go quickly. I hope he gets it cut soon so I can get busy on the painting. He doesn't like to do "creative" things so he is avoiding it, I told him I will tell him exactly what to do and he doesn't like that either, lol. I saw a pink "retro" kitchen center and it was only $300! What? I would like to have $300 to refurbish my own kitchen, are you kidding, I could replace my counter tops or get a new oven for that. This entertainment center was in the basement. It has scuff marks all over the front of it from somebody putting their feet up on the front of it while they watched TV. I am only guessing that they were sitting so close to the TV because they were trying to keep the volume down so they wouldn't get caught watching it late at night. The drawer that was in the middle was broken and is no longer there and there are water marks and scratches on it so it was going to be taken to the dump soon, but now it's getting a second chance as a kitchen center. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Photos to come....soon I hope.

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