Thursday, November 12, 2009

Window markers and misc. stuff

This is what those really cool Crayola Window Markers looks like. Those dots you see are beetles, the ones that appear suddenly in huge numbers each fall in the Midwest. I heard that they are released each year and that they have some purpose but I don't recall what it is, this isn't an informational blog so your on your own if you want to know more. They look like orange ladybugs and I vacuum them up daily because they actually get inside the house yuck. If you smash them they stink.This is what regular Crayons look like on the windows. It was an honest mistake so I didn't freak out about it. Piper saw us drawing on the windows with the markers so she thought she'd try it too. This was last week and I'm really behind on my blog, sorry.

This is a picture of Ava's plate. She was sitting there lining up each noodle so that they were side by side. She does things like this a lot, I was thinking she might have OCD but when I looked at the picture it bothered me that the corn was not together so maybe I am the one with issues!

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