Monday, November 2, 2009

A Princess, A Unicorn, A LoveBug and Spiderman

Pictures of our Halloween adventure. It was our first time taking the triplets out without a stroller and they did great! Piper really enjoyed the candy and they all loved digging into the bags and dumping them to inspect all the treats. We spilled Nerds on Aunt Paula's carpet while visiting and we played with Grandma's kitten that she adopted from us. A big Thank you to Delaney C. for the Princess costume and to Josie R. for the Unicorn!

Our Marine is on his way back to North Carolina today, we had a nice visit but since he was on RA (Recruiter's Assistance) he wasn't really home that much. Of course he had Halloween parties to go to and friends to visit with too. We will get to see him at Christmas and since he will be on leave during that time he'll be home more :) I am starting to work on Christmas dresses and presents but with 2 early outs this week for the boys I don't know how much I will get done. Maybe If I decided what kind of dress I was making it would help. I will start the pettiskirts though and go from there.

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