Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The chair game

The Chair Game. Directions: 1) Wait until supervising adult is cooking breakfast and is completely distracted because there is no pancake mix and she has to make them from scratch. Chant "cakies-cakies!" for at least 5 minutes prior to this so that there is no way she will try to serve oatmeal or eggs.
2) Flip up headrest of leather chair to reveal the zipper, unzip and proceed to pull out as much cotton candy as you can before supervising adult catches on to the game.
3) Flash the puppy dog eyes and big smiles when adult notices and pretend to play sweetly with the cotton candy by filling shopping cart and play cookware with it, only throw it wildly when adult is not looking.
4) Use teamwork to replace the cotton candy inside the chair or you won't get your "cakies".

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Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

2-year-old triplets! How do you do it? I feel like I'm drowning half the time with just my twins! You go, girl!