Friday, October 2, 2009

Slippers x6 plus a Free tutorial link

I finished 6 pair of slippers for the girls. I worked on them last night after the girls went to bed and again this morning while they ate breakfast. Not bad. I cut out everything and always sew in an assembly line fashion since I always make multiples of what I am sewing. Here are some pictures and if you want a FREE tutorial to make your own just hop on over to the Maked blog, like naked but craftier. 4 awesome ladies that do a little bit of everything crafty.

I made all of mine out of scraps including an old soft wooly sweater for some and the bottom was cut from an outgrown lavender suede top so they wouldn't slip and slide around the wood floors. Now the girls can have warm tootsies!

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Helen said...

Love it! I was just saying to Nick this morning that we should buy the boys some slippers... maybe instead I'll just make them!