Monday, October 19, 2009

I can't be the only one. The only person on the planet who can never remember passwords? Why do you have to have a password for a site that you print out coupons on or anything other than a bank website? No. I don't want you to answer that, I just want to complain right now. No I don't want some weirdo to go on some site that I frequent and pretend to be me and say a bunch of crazy stuff, I will do that on my own. No I don't want somebody to hack into my account and take my $9, I have to make that last another 2 weeks! I just don't think it's necessary to have a password for every stinking site that's out there. I used to write them down (pre-triplets) on a special piece of paper that I kept in a clear cover so that they were always handy when I needed them. Guess what, most of those sites required a password and filling out of gobs of information and then I only went back to that site rarely so it wasn't even worth the time it took. Some of them store your address that it's "faster" to purchase from them. Well lets see, I can type my address in a matter of seconds but it took me 6 guesses and checking my email to reset my password that was about 12 minutes of frustration so that it would be faster to checkout, no thanks you keep your convenience. While I'm complaining I would like to mention how irritated it makes me to shop online for clearance items that are "out of stock". I shop online just like I do in a brick and mortar store, I always check the clearance first. Some stores like one that starts with K and ends with ohl's are terrible about this. I get all pumped up thinking I'm toddler girl's shoes for $3 and I'm ready to order 6 of every size and color and when I hit the "checkout" button, suddenly there are no shoes available in any size but NB!

Ok enough complaining. I just had a long day and I'm extra tired, my husband is sick so he has a stuffy nose and that keeps us both awake. I'm going to add a little story here about his snoring, I wrote it a while back and forgot to publish it so here it is for all of you that can't breathe from the flu or just because you snore...or sleep with a that a word?
Don’t sleep with a snorer!

I couldn't sleep last night. What’s new right? I never sleep, that explains why I’m so tired-it usually doesn’t hit me until about 3pm and then I feel like passing out. I just push through it and keep going, I have to. Sometime around 9pm after the 4 youngest are sound asleep I get my energy back and either log on to the computer for blog reading and Facebook or I work on a sewing project. I delay going to bed for as long as possible but not intentionally. I just love reading all of the wonderful things out there in the blogosphere that I can’t stop. Tutorials are by far my very favorite.
I also hate going to bed and listening to Gary snore like a lawn mower all night. I poke him in the arm about 3 times each night when I just can’t stand it any more. I read an article about snoring spouses the other day and it said that studies show that if you snore or sleep with a snorer you are woke up about 21 times PER HOUR!! I totally believe that, Gary and I are both tired a lot and it’s not because we have 5 kids running around here.
When I am lying in bed wishing he would stop snoring I get really frustrated and angry which in turn keeps me up even if he happens to stop snoring. I poke him and he gets mad telling me that he was not snoring. Yea, I just like to stay awake all night and pretend he is snoring so I can wake him, that makes sense right? Sometimes I get so mad that I just want to pinch his nose shut. I don’t though because I know that he would start swatting around in the air and I don’t want to get swatted. So last night I was thinking if I just had one of those chomper toys on a stick, you know like a dino head that “bites” when you squeeze the trigger and it’s on a stick. The kind that each one of the boys has had at one time or another and they all hid behind something and tried to take a chunk out of my butt with it. I think I took them all away and put them on top of the refrigerator. But over time they all were broken and thrown away, they are not typically top quality toys. Anyway if I had one of those I would keep it by the bed and pinch Gary’s nose shut with it each time he snored! He would either stop snoring or beat me to death with it-either way I could get some rest.


The Sewing Dork said...

Yikes, five kids and no sleep - how do you do it?! My hubby was a snorer also. It turns out he has sleep apnea (google it and see if the symptoms fit your hubby). Once he got a night-time breathing machine, he never snored again and I could REST.

Amy said...

I keep telling him to see a dr. I didn't know that there was an actual treatment for it. That is good news and I will check into it. Thanks :)