Monday, October 12, 2009

The Golden Tooth??

I was talking to Logan this morning while brushing his teeth. He is 5 years old so he does brush on his own but when we are in a hurry like this morning for school I always brush for him to hurry the process along. When the girls brush it takes almost 10 minutes of brushing time before I can wrangle the tooth brushes away from them and Logan is usually brushing right along with them. I don't mind most of the time because it helps to erase some of the guilt that I have for ruining Logan's teeth. What kind of horrible mother would ruin her child's teeth you ask? Not Supermom, that's who. He had what most people call "bottle rot" on his front teeth. He never took a bottle-ever. None of my kids ever had a bottle past 12 months in fact. Logan nursed until he was 22 months and no that didn't cause it either silly. Somehow he got started taking a sippy cup to bed. It wasn't every night at first and I really think it had a lot to do with the fact that we had a 4 year old foster son at the time that routinely had screaming fits for up to 2 hours at a time, even at bedtime. He shared a room with Logan, yea. This child took a LOT of my time and energy and it was right at the time when I weaned Logan. Enter major "mommy guilt". By the time I realized it had became a habit it was too late, he was completely addicted. We tried switching to water and all the tricks and nothing worked. I cannot believe how fast it happened either, he got a black spot right between his 2 front teeth! The dentist used a grinder and ground away the black spot so now his 2 front teeth are shorter. I bet everybody up until now thought it was just natural but no it isn't. I can't wait for the day when his baby teeth come out and he can have some new shiny pearly whites! Which brings me to the conversation we had this morning. i was telling him about the Tooth Fairy Pillow that I will be making for him and we discussed the procedure of hanging it on the doorknob outside his room so she wouldn't have to wake him when she exchanges the tooth for money. I told him he would have to do a great job brushing those "new" teeth because they are going to have to last forever. Logan looked at me and said "yea, and they will be GOLD!" Um, what? "No, they will be white." "But xxxx's new tooth is gold." he said with a look of disappointment. Ok so some kid in his class got a new gold tooth. Why I'm not sure but I'm going to let myself think that the kid had bottle rot, it just makes me feel better. Here is a link to a site that has a FREE pattern for a Ballerina tooth fairy pillow as well as a monster one if you look around.

The triplets are restless today. We all have colds and are not feeling the greatest. I think we will head downstairs to the playroom after they eat their pancakes. The playroom isn't quite ready yet but they will still have fun and I can do some laundry and watch them at the same time, that's the idea behind the basement playroom. Hey do you hate giving pancakes with syrup to your kids? I used to, I hated the sticky mess and they always needed a bath when they were done, especially with girls because they get it in their hair somehow. I started making pancakes and putting about a Tablespoon of powdered sugar on top of them instead of syrup and it's great. No mess, so they can eat them at the little table instead of the highchairs and they love them. By now you all know to cut up everything for kids with your pizza cutter right? Oh yea, they taste like funnel cakes and have half the calories of regular maple syrup and less carbs too so they are good for mommies and daddies too. I just use a store brand complete mix that you add water to and I find it's faster than scrambled eggs and you can add fresh fruit right into the batter if you want to. We like blueberry, strawberry and apple pancakes. If you add the fruit you don't need the powdered sugar. Pancakes are also a great place to hide some Flax oil. I'm not always super health conscious, sometimes I like to make some fresh whipped cream to add to the top of our pancakes-yet another reason to get a cow lol.

This is Logan last week, right as he got off the school bus. Evidently he got to pick a prize from the prize box. I opened the door and this is what I saw!


Larissa said...

Amy, wow, I bow to you! thanks for the linkage to my pattern.

Chelsea said...

You won something on my blog!