Friday, October 9, 2009

Dora Upcycle, Skirt and Organization Issues

First is the Dora jacket remake before and afters. The skirt has no elastic yet because I can't decide who will wear it yet. It only takes a couple minutes to string some elastic in there so I will do it at the last minute I'm sure. Now all we need is some brown boots to complete the outfit. The little jacket was too short for anybody so adding the ruffle made it about an 1 1/2 inches longer. The top of the skirt is a light denim fabric that came from a pair of my old fat pants, I still have fat pants...they are just smaller. Then I added a couple of ruffles to match the jacket. I thought about going with tans and browns but the brown fabric I had on hand looked too old lady-ish so I took it in another direction. I had the lavender Dora fabric anyway. Oh, if you saw the guitar tee from yesterday's post it was just a black tee that was too short for Logan and I added a couple inches of red and blue striped tee shirt knit on the bottom.

So here is what's frustrating me today,any ideas are welcome and can be left in the comments section following this post. I have a whole storage tote filled with photographs from before we had our digital camera, school pictures and some are even my baby pictures. I don't know what to do with them. They are not organized or sorted in any fashion and it makes me crazy. I seriously cannot afford to go out and by 100 photo albums. I bought 2 and nobody (including me) wants to sort and put them in. I tried scanning a bunch to the computer so I could put them on a disc, it took half a day to scan a small pile of them! Besides the fact that I have so many pictures on my laptop that it's bogging down already and I need to clear them out and put those onto a disc too. I attempted to do it last week and I had too many pictures to fit on one disc so with my short attention span I ended up not continuing and now I have lost the blank discs in some clutter, hey don't judge. I have 8 people living in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, you'd have clutter too.

My other frustration at the moment is that the basement is so filled with...well...garage sale stuff and stuff for storage. I wanted to clean it out and make a childproof area so the girls can come down with me and Levi's unfinished room is going to be converted to a sewing/craft room so that we can have our dining room back. We haven't had a table to eat on since the girls babies. The dining room table can come back upstairs and I can set up 2 long tables in the "new" sewing room for cutting out patterns etc...The basement currently has 2 unfinished rooms and an unfinished bathroom. When Austin moved out of his corner of the basement, Levi decided to drag all his stuff over there and take over. I finally got him to clear out the room he had been sleeping in so I need to start cleaning and moving down there. I'm keeping the bed in that room so that when Austin comes back to visit he has a place to sleep. "so I get to sleep in the sweatshop?" he asked. Yes. I hope that this weekend I get a chance to get down there and make some headway because there are so many other things to get done and this is the biggest obstacle in my plan to get organized. The picture of me with shelves of sewing stuff behind me is actually in our dining room and there is a full size dresser in there with girls clothes in it too! Aaahh the madness!

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Keep working ,great job!