Friday, October 23, 2009

Does this look like a potty to you?

Does this look like a potty to you?
How about now, with the lid up?

I guess Ava thinks it does look like a potty because she totally peed in it today! I was changing them all before nap time and I guess she couldn't wait for me to open the bathroom door or something. I noticed she had something wet on her leg and I asked her where she peed at. She smiled and lifted the lid on the turtle. Oh, well at least it wasn't on the floor. And at least it wasn't poop.

By the way that is a Radio Flyer Turtle. I love it and I wish they made them in adult size. It has casters on it like an office chair, ya know the wheels turn all around so you can fly around all over and spin. Logan goes like a maniac on it all around the living room and up and down the hallway on the wood floors. I remember the riding toys we had as kids where the wheels didn't even turn, you ride up into a corner or something and had to stand up and carry it between your legs.

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