Saturday, September 19, 2009

Got a minute?

Hi everyone it's a busy Saturday morning here so I'm making this a quick post. I am gearing up to do a lot of redecorating and moving rooms here at home and I will be keeping you up to date with lots of pictures of that and I'm also going to start adding my cooking on a budget advice lol. I keep getting requests for that. People want to know how I feed this big family and I'm going to start sharing that information soon. I have lots of great tips and recipes.

Take a minute to vote for Austin and me in the Mom and Marine photo contest please. We are on page 9, the 1st pic in the 3rd row. Although it's not my best looking picture it's truly my favorite one. It's in San Diego at the Marine Recruit Training Depot on Family day. It was the very first time we got to see him for 13 long weeks. I swear I thought the last 13 weeks of carrying triplets was hard but this was harder! Anyway we had just picked him up and we were sitting down to eat in the shade, he was starving and in the picture I think he had food in his mouth lol. I had been crying tears of joy so my eye make up was washed away and I was still in that moment of staring at him and being thrilled to death to see him! That's why it's my favorite, because it captured that moment in time. Thanks for voting and feel free to forward the link to vote or the link to my blog so your friends can vote too.Voting ends on 9/29. Have a great Saturday! Take time to teach your children something today and hug your loved ones.

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Debbie said...

Great picture. I'm sure you are so proud of him, as you should be. I voted for you!