Thursday, September 10, 2009

40 Cups of Coffee, Thank you Ella Mae

I took Logan to his Kindergarten physical appointment today. He did really well. He is in the 25th percentile for weight following his own curve and at 43 inches tall he is pretty small but growing well. No shots, just a finger poke. He told the nurse he was in 2nd grade when she asked. Next we went to Walmart to get some groceries. For some reason I was stressed out during most of the trip. I think it's because I had left my list at home, so I worried about forgetting something and spending too much money. Could it have been Logan moving at a snail's pace directly in front of my cart the whole way or maybe that he was doing helicopter arms and knocking things off the shelves or that he was throwing items into the cart and getting in and out of the cart repeatedly? I don't know why, it should have been easier than dragging 4 under 5 year olds but it wasn't. I almost lost it when he took 2 styrofoam craft balls the size of softballs and shoved them up inside his shirt...yes they look like boobs and the other 3 ladies in the isle at the time thought it was funny, I wanted to crawl under the shelf and hide. My response was to tell him that we don't pick up things we are not going to purchase-I completely ignored the whole booby thing. We got through the check out line and went in to "pretend" to play the video games for about 10 minutes before going to the van and packing 2 carts full of groceries in there. We still had to go to another store because Wm was out of chocolate milk and plantains. I bought the plantains for making making a new recipe. We went to the drive thru and got a Happy Meal on the way home. We laughed and had some deep conversations about snacks and puppies and music class, I need to make more days like this minus the Walmart trip-or at least bring my list.
Here is a link to a Youtube song, I like the oldies sometimes. This one is called 40 Cups of Coffee and talks about her man not coming home until almost 5, she watches the clock etc...I think she means a.m. but when I listen to it I relate to it better when I think p.m. Gary where are you it's almost 4:30 pm, I'll drink more coffee and hope you come home soon... Thank you Ella Mae Morse

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