Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flarp On The Sheets

I said I wanted a break from potty training and I guess I'm out voted 3 to 1. Yesterday I dressed them in the typical 1 piece outfits and disposable diapers hoping that they would just stay dressed. It didn't work out that way at all, they were stripping left and right every time they peed or pooped the diapers were a flyin'! They went so far as to remove their diapers and place them on the baby dolls. Then Ava started bossing her sisters, "Chloe dipah, now...come here!" She was ordering them to come to her and let her put the diaper back on them after they ripped it off. Chloe actually went over and laid down and let her attempt to put it on her! I was thinking maybe I should just let Ava change everybody and forget the potty training.

Today I just put cotton training pants and tee shirts on them all. I was mopping up pee most of the day and they were entirely naked most of the day too, don't worry there is no carpet. I'm wondering when my days will stop revolving around messes. If I'm not cleaning up after somebody else I'm cooking for them. When I get the dishes unloaded from the dishwasher there is usually another load waiting to go in or I'm cooking/baking again so there will soon be another load. The dishwasher runs on average 4 times a day at our house. I try to wash the big pans by hand to save room and run it less but it doesn't help much. When the kitchen is clean the rest of the house is a wreck. It's like shoveling the sidewalk in a blizzard. Now that school has started I am trying to keep up with the laundry better. I put away about 11 baskets of clean laundry last weekend and I don't want to let it get that bad again!! I am able to do 3 loads easily each day but that doesn't keep me ahead of the pile when you add in sheets, blankets and pillows with pee, sheets and comforters with "flarp" on them and regular bedding.

If you don't know what "Flarp" probably don't have any little boys. It comes in a container and you can get it at the Dollar store. It's a putty sort of substance but a bit wetter and slimier than silly putty. You push your fingers into it and it forces air into it making loud and super obnoxious fart sounds. The best laughs around for a buck! This is especially hilarious when mom is on the phone talking to the Dr.'s office or the Mortgage company. Gary went in to shut off Logan's TV and found him sleeping with his hand covered in Flarp. He had apparently molded it around his hand like a glove and then he fell asleep like that and it stuck to the sheet and dried out so it's like silly putty on the sheet.

Oh yea, the white cat from my post in May...well she has taken up permanent residence here. We found out from the neighbors that she was dumped about a mile down the road and kept getting ran off until she ended up here. Wonderful. And to add to the joy I'm feeling she has given birth to 4 chubby little kittens in the playhouse. I'm not sure where to move them to where the big dogs won't get to them but they are about 3 weeks old. We need to move them though before they start pooping on the deck. It's not a poop deck and I refuse to clean up after them too. Enough I say!

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