Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walk and park outing, Logan was sick

Ava-not at the park but so cute.

We went for a walk by the river and then tried out the new playground by the Beach. Logan liked the slides but the place was not toddler friendly. The platforms that you slide from are very high off the ground for little ones and there are openings in the railings for kids to slide down poles and other things. Not safe for toddlers. I was nervous the whole time afraid that one of them would get too far ahead of me and plummet to their death by falling over the edge or Chloe might even just jump and try to get on the pole. She is the dare devil of the group. Here are some pics. Notice Logan was sitting down a lot and walking ahead trying to get to a spot to sit. When we got home he had a fever! Poor kid, I thought it was allergies and when we left home he had no fever, he did say he was cold while we were at the playground-I was too though but I haven't felt the greatest either. I am adding lots of pics, I love taking them and can't wait until I can get a better camera. Enjoy.

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