Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer is here! When does school start?

It's been a busy week. Logan is done with pre-K now and so I don't have free time during the day anymore :( Levi is getting a hair cut this weekend! The Disney kid look has gotta go. The cat is gone already, it couldn't handle the stress! We fed her good and nobody pulled her tail, it was just the noise and all the commotion I think. I have lost another 8 pounds putting my total loss in the last 8 weeks at 30lbs!! Yay, it's amazing how much more active a person can be with stomach muscles. If you count my preggo weight I could say I have lost 78 lbs! Wow thats sounds better huh?

Today I am wondering if my house will still be standing after the littles are bigger. I had problems with teens tearing up stuff-mostly punching holes in walls, some foster kids that destroyed things like tvs, and now we are losing blinds and screens out of the windows!! One screen in the living room where the girls watch for the bus ;has popped out at the corner and of course WE didn't notice it but THEY did and it is now pulled and tugged out really far. We can't open that window now until we fix the screen because they could fall out and heaven knows that they would throw out every toy in the house! And let all the flies in, the girls run after flies and shout NO! at them and wave their arms to shoo them away,lol. The sliding screen in the dining room has a rip in it where everyone holds on to open and shut it. Yesterday Logan rammed the Cozy Coupe into the sliding screen door and made 2 more holes where the wheels hit it. He is lucky he knocked the door off the track because I couldn't get the door open far enough to get at him! BUT-trying to help, Levi jammed on the screen door and when it came loose--it smacked me right in the face!! I started yelling and the boys scattered pretty fast at that point. I have a knot the size of a marble on my eyebrow. Whoever thought of installing that dumb door like that is stupid. It isn't a sliding door; but the screen is. The "door" part is a regular glass door on one side and a solid non-opening door on the other. Duh? It's in the dining area where you are supposed to have a table. How can you have a table when the door opens up into the room and the room is so tiny anyway and there is another regular door right on the other wall. I would love to be able to extend the kitchen/dining room out farther. There's no hope of that happening until the girls start school though. One income isn't enough for luxuries like a kitchen/dining area big enough for a table for 8, haha.

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