Monday, May 18, 2009

Snowy in May and ginger monkey antics

We have a new family member. She is a white cat with blue eyes, she came out of the woods and I went out and snatched her up before the dogs chased her away. She is really thin but really lovable, we fed her and she has been here for 2 days now. She doesn't belong to any neighbors so she was most likely dumped off. We had to put our kitty Fluff a.k.a. Fluffernutter to sleep a couple of months ago because of health issues. She was almost 14 years old. I had decided to wait and not get a kitten until the girls were older, I have enough messes to clean up for now. But when this kitty came I guess we just decided she chose us and for now she is just staying outside in the play house.

I checked her out and made sure she wasn't sickly or mangy before I called for Logan to see her. I told him come out on the deck, he won't believe what's out there. He smartly said "what it's snowing?" He's 5 and just getting the hang of sarcasm. He ran out and saw the pure white cat and shouted "It's a snowy cat!" So that's when she became Snowy. Logan wanted her to come inside just as badly as she wanted to and I told him "No, she might not be potty trained." He said I should just teach her. Well that's just what I need, another potty training mess maker. NOT.

Here is a clip of what it's like to potty train triplets. They are 21 months now and all about becoming independant just like any almost 2 year old, but when there are 3 of them it makes for a circus. In the clip you can see my ginger monkey on the big potty (it's ok she's covered) and the other 2 are right in there getting in on the action, Piper keeps flushing the toilet and Chloe keeps saying "kankoo" that's monkey talk for Thank you. Chloe also is shouting No! when I ask her to get off the potty. Normally I just pick her up and remover her and she lays on the floor throwing a tantrum for a couple minutes but for the movie I thought we'd leave that part out. :) I will also put in a pic of the little potties that I bought for them. They are used for scooters on the hardwood floors and also make great dolly chairs. Nobody has an interest in peeing in them at the present time.

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