Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My babies are growing up! Waaah!

He is still considered a Recruit, not yet a Marine :) I am going to be obnoxiously proud of him, well , I already am!

I took my oldest son to MEPS on Mother's Day, he spent the night and got up at 4am to get going and be shipped to MCRD in San Diego. I am worried about him, even though I know he is tough and strong and he will do well, he is still my baby.

If you have little ones, please hold them longer and kiss them more and take lots of pictures because they will grow up sooo fast that it's hard to believe when it happens.
When I came home that day with my red, swollen eyes from crying the whole 2 hour drive home, Logan was in the drive way riding his bike WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS!!

Levi said "oh, we are ALL growing up." "Stop it!" I said, I really meant it but I don't think they will stop growing up. I of course started to cry again and when Gary tried to console me I said some things about how I'm worried and won't get to see "him" for so long etc... Logan spoke up and said "It's just cuz I was going so fast mom." He thought I was crying about him riding his bike. So sweet. Levi is a teenager now and the girls are going to start potty training soon. They went to the preschool room with Logan and his teacher yesterday and they sat there and listened to stories and played right along with the other big kids.

Some days feel like I am so busy doing the daily tasks just to keep the house from falling apart that I can't even really spend much time with the kids. I try by doing the routines for bedtime and things like that but man, it goes so fast. We should all try to slow down and enjoy life a little more.

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Sharon said...

Ok, you need more responce choices! This post was just what I needed to hear but not funny or cool. I only have my triplets so I sometimes get so busy too that I forget that this will probably be the only time that I will have babies, i mean toddlers! I try to experience and remember everything but I always feel as if it is never enough! Sniff, sniff, crying right along with you. I will keep your grown-up son and the rest of your family in my prayers. Loves!