Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi, Short entries this week. We have been sick all week including me. :( I shouldn't have made that crack about the swine flu from the pediatricians office huh? Well I'm certainly not going to get us tested, for cryin' out loud they'd shut down the school! We don't want that now do we. Don't tell Levi that he'll run to the office and tell everyone we have the plague.

We have ticks to watch out for now and weed poison as well. I posted this sign after finding a tick attached to my butt cheek while showering, I haven't been out in the woods or even the yard so somebody brought it in with them and it somehow found it's way to latch onto my butt!

Tomorrow's post will be about some awesome re purposed clothing, I'm getting the pics ready later. See ya.

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