Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wagon Ride Part TWO

Gary came home from work and I'm not sure what the deal was but he hooked up the trailer/wagon that was full of non burnable junk from the chicken shed to the mini van. He has an old truck but the 4 wheel drive doesn't work in it, so he uses the van. I think he just wanted to move it out of the back yard, planning to take it to the landfill on Saturday morning.
He and Austin decided to pick up a pile of wood from the other side of the yard from a tree they had cut down last fall. (We burn wood for heat). Gary backed up too far and they had trouble getting the wagon pulled out because our dumb yard is full of hills, there is not a level spot in the whole back yard. Here is a pic of some smoke from the tires as he tried to pull it out, the 2 bigger boys were also pushing from behind. I was on the deck with the girls yelling at him to stop before he burned up the motor in my van. I was of course taunting him and making fun. Then he decided to back up FARTHER DOWN THE HILL!!! He wanted to get a run for it. DUH. Ok so there they go and I snap the pic, smoke and all. Well I wish I was a little quicker with the camera because next thing I know, everyone is yelling and I looked up and there goes the wagon all by itself backwards down the hill! It went all the way down and was only stopped by a bunch of brush. Another few feet and it would have been down the wash out and in the creek! I snapped some shots of the end result but totally missed the action shots. Darn.
I had no idea that Gary had called a neighbor that owns a "real truck" to pull the stupid wagon out. So we were in the front yard pulling the girls in the wagon and trying to get a picture of them when he pulled up. I was out there in my old maternity shorts with my spanx showing under them. Think "Mama's Family" support hose. Gee thanks for telling me to expect somebody. Not that he gave a crap what I looked like at all but you know what that feels like to look so stupid and have somebody see you? Also the last time I saw him was 20 years ago and I was dating one of his best buddies! I am older and about 75lbs heavier so I doubt if he has made the connection of who I am, at least I hope not. That is the kind of anti social person I have become, eek. This neighbor is a really nice guy and has pulled Gary and Austin out a few times. I can't help it-my husband is like a Clark Griswold! He is always doing crap like that. I added a picture of my leg so you can see my awesome spanx showing under the old shorts-cool.

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