Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tummy Tuck Before and Afters so far............

Ok......I am guessing that not everybody reading this blog really wants to see my super fat belly in the raw (just the belly) so I am going to post a link at the bottom of the page to my pics. That way nobody gets totally grossed out by my flab!

My Stats:
Height 5'3"

Weights Normal 115 to 120lbs
While pg with triplets over 240lbs~
Pre Surgery 196lbs
4 weeks post op 176lbs

Waist before surgery 48 inches!!!!!
4 weeks after 34 inches

I am not going for Barbie, just healthy. I am very happy with my results so far and it's improving every day. In the "after" pics I was only 3 weeks post op so there is a lot of swelling still, in the tummy and hip area where the drains came out.

I need to update with some 5 weeks po pics next week. I am losing weight every week without even trying. My ab muscles had to be pulled in together a whopping 7 inches. There was nothing holding my insides back, it was gravity making me look pregnant. I felt weak and exercise seemed impossible, having no core strength at all is a really bad way to live. I am not even talking about a person who needs to do crunches here, my Plastic Surgeon told me I could do crunches all day every day and never get a flat stomach with my muscles split that far apart.

I have lost my double chin and that is so cool, who wants two chins? I only wish I could have had the Liposuction done on my butt and hips but we didn't win the lottery so I have to work it off the old fashioned way,lol the most awesome part of this is that I can wear all of my old shirts and most of my old shorts. The shorts i have were from when we were doing IVF cycles and I was bloated from all the injected hormones so they fit me now and are already starting to get loose.

You should be able to go down the page to a link with the pics, I am warning you it's not pretty.

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