Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me alone in a sea of bras

I went out of town today for my 5wk post op check up. Everything is healing well and I have permission to resume all activity and exercise. "Does that mean I can run too?" I asked. "Yes, anything." Dr. says. "Great- I couldn't run before the surgery, but that's great!" badup, bump. Yes I really said that, somebody slap me.
There is a part of my incision that is still scabbing, a kind of oblong shaped section right in the front where there is the most tension in the skin. This is normal. The Dr. picks off the scab each time-this is gross. It's supposed to help it heal faster. Ok...I think it looks like a piece of Terriaki Beef Jerky, the kind that my kids want me to pay $12 for at the gas station.................nah.
So after my appointment I went to Kohls to buy another pair of Spanx, hoping to find a pair on sale. Yup, found a knock off but it was a step up from the chaps from Target I am currently wearing. While I was there I started looking at the bras and panties just because I don't have anything in my drawer that doesn't look like something your grandma would wear. I thought to myself, hmm, I might like a push up bra, a little better cleavage wouldn't be bad for summer. So I walked through the endless sea of bras bumping one here and there and knocking 3 or 4 off of each rack, what the heck? I tried to put them back and apparently they are spring loaded racks, they had 37 bras jammed on a rod meant for 12! I finally found the push up bras.
What, have you seen these things? They felt like the old knee pads I used to wear for Jr. High basketball with some straps attached to them! No thanks. I saw so many bras- big, little, padded, air filled, gel filled, pink, black, red, leopard print you name it I saw it. Even a bra that claims to hide back fat, OMG. Come on ladies, you all must be putting too much effort into your boobs, well obviously somebody is because those things are all selling. You know a boobie lover is a boobie lover however it is presented. For now I'm keeping my beige bra with the elastic hanging out, I think it came from a rummage sale. I ended up buying a pair of cool sun glasses. It took a while to find some that would work with my chipmunk cheeks but they do exist. I will post a pic of them later. We are taking the girls to get their 18 month check ups (2 months late) tomorrow and I hope we don't all pick up the swine flu at the ped's office. Don't worry about the pandemic-just wash your hands and stop picking your nose and it will be ok.

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