Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Make Your Own No Spill Snack Containers

I have wanted to buy those Snack Traps for a few months and can't force myself to spend the money on them. So I did what I always do, I made my own. This test set was made with baby food containers from Walmart. I suggest using a larger container because the only the smaller babies can get into these. I will try a couple Coolwhip containers next time. Make sure that when you cut the lids that you are trimming off the pointy edges so nobody feels like they are sticking their hand into a sharks mouth to get their snacks. If you make the holes "loose" only use larger snacks. You can't expect some Cheerios to stay in there if your toddler is shaking them about-and they will shake them. Shaped crackers or things of that nature work better. If you get a smarty pants that figures out how to pull the lid of with her teeth (Piper did it) just put some duct tape around it, heck it was free so if you have to throw it out into the Recycle bin after a few uses no big deal.

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