Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I will not let them win!

I woke up before the girls and loaded my bloodstream with caffeine before I heard the first chatters coming from the bedroom. I had the sippies full and set out I had some Fruit Loops sitting out for them and already took some Advil. I was pumped and ready to take them on.

As soon as the bus drove away with the 2 older boys on board, I heard the monkey talk beginning. As oldest ds lay in bed NOT helping me lift and chase I went to let them out of their cribs. I swiftly changed and dressed all 3 without a fuss. 5 min. later Chloe was completely naked. Great, I learned yesterday that after 2 weeks of containing her in turtle neck onesies that she had figured out how to slither out of them too. She does not unsnap them she goes out the neck hole. That's whey I had to go from regular onesies to the turtle necks. She is like the Houdini of clothing. So after chasing her down and taping her diaper up (we are still using disposables until I can safely carry the bucket up and down the stairs by myself to wash the cloth) and re-dressing her about 3 times I found a pair of bib overalls to put on her. I had them cinched up to the max so she couldn't easily slide her arms out. Don't get me wrong they were not uncomfortable but the strap wasn't about to slide down her arm. Boy was she pissed! She has stayed dressed the rest of the day so far but when she figures those out I am prepared to turn them around and let her wear them backwards. She and Piper already wear their zip up jammies turned around so the zipper is in the back, the feet had to be cut off to do that but that's better than finding out that they slept naked half the night because they woke up and took off all their jammies and diaper. Yea, that happened. I don't know why they like to strip all of their clothes off, or where they get that from. I haven't done that since I stopped drinking Tequila.

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