Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I might get my stitches out tomorrow. RATED PG for TMI

Ok I should really be sleeping right now. I have to make a 2 hour drive to go see the plastic surgeon about getting my stitches and maybe one of these annoying drains out. I asked my mom to go and she has an another appointment that she couldn't change. My friends work during the day or only talk to me online and are not "real" friends. I am lame, have no social life. That's why I am telling my blog about my anxiety about tomorrow's appointment.

I am super happy with the results of the tummy tuck and all the wonderful flatness of my tummy. I am concerned about one thing. I have to undress down to the undies and the nurse will take out my stitches. Since the surgery-everything was pulled up and pulled down to meet in the middle where the massive row of stitches meets and goes from hip to hip. Well guess what? My pubes are right up there in the row of stitches! Why didn't they shave them first? Was I supposed to shave them? Am I supposed to shave them now? I tried to trim them with the scissors and that wasn't so easy. Geesh they shave you if you have a c-section for crying out loud. Oh yea and I don't have any matching bra and panties. Not that the dr. is going to give a crap but I feel kinda stupid wearing my old lady beige bra and my old underwear with the worn out elastic. I should go buy some new but if I keep losing weight I don't want to waste the money on a big size. At least when I go to the gyno I can hide my underwear under my other clothes so they don't see them, come on I know you all do it too. Even your nice underwear you hide them under your other clothes, why I don't know the gyno is going to see it all anyway, why not the underduds?

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