Friday, April 17, 2009

I love/hate my Spanx!

Because of the recent surgery, I have to wear the Spanx 24/7. Only to be removed to shower. I love them because they hold me in and make me feel supported around the incision sites. I love them because they make me feel thinner. I hate them because sometimes they make me itch. I think it's kinda weird but very convenient that there is a seam in the crotch that you can pee out of without peeling them down every time. I have the kind that go up to your boobies and down like bicycle shorts too. I had a black pair on and only a tee shirt and was up really late sewing last week. Austin my 19 yr old son walked in and said I looked like Lance Armstrong in them. I said "o geez, does is show that I only have 1 testicle?!" "or do you mean I look lean and thin like a cyclist?" He said "yea, whatever you want to think." I paid $36 for them at Lane Bryant and the sales girl was super cool, helped me get the right size, I think they are a D or also known as short/tubby.
Side note- I also bought a pair of Target knock offs. Saved $16 in the process too. I had to have a spare pair because you don't wear panties with them and well duh. Besides my incision still bleeds from time to time. BUT- After putting on the Target brand for the first time, right out of the shower, I realize something. Keep in mind that putting these suckers on is not easy, think what it would be like to try to squeeze yourself into a really long tube sock. It's a pain in the pattooty. Well I got the suckers on and then went about my business. A couple of hours later I had to pee, (think Gomer Pyle) SURPRIZE-SURPRIZE!!! WELL GAAAALLLLLYY! There is no freakin' seam in the crotch area! Still being on some pain meds at that point and a Valium here and there, my reaction was quite simple. I took the scissors and made a slice in the crotch area, yes while wearing them and all is well. I tried to contain it to the part where the cotton crotch was so it wouldn't run but it is quite a bit larger than it needed to be. Oh well, at least I can pee.

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