Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The evolution of the cake pop.

Last night after the little ones went to bed I stayed up to dip the cake pops. I will never make them again. Bakerella has an addiction to them but then again I don't recall her having 6 kids including almost 2 yr old triplets, she must have more time on her hands. I am all for creative activities but this one sucked for me. I baked the cakes the day before, rolled them into balls and put in the freezer for a short time just like I was supposed to and when I dipped them that's when bunny hell broke loose.

First I had to use "good n plenty" candies for the ears because there was no store withing a 20 mile radius that had any pastel candy corn. So right away they were "off" Levi tells me that they looked more like gerbils than rabbits. Gee thanks. So Levi my 13 yr old smart mouth son is helping. Anything to stay up past his bed time. He is holding them after I coat them and he starts freaking out saying "I think it's going to fall off in to the dip! What if it does?" I calmly say, "I will punch you in the head if you drop it into the almond bark." He replies "yea, but then I will drop the other one too." At that point he starts laughing like a hyena. As he laughs the rabbits on sticks he is holding over the dipping chocolate start shaking violently as his laughter is out of control. He is tired and when he gets tired he does like me, and gets really loopy. So I am begging my husband to come in and replace him because once he starts to laugh it's just over. Gary says no he has no interest in decorating Easter Gerbils on stick and wants to know why I just don't send some crackers to school or something. ! What! just send crackers on Logan's special snack day? That would be so lame. Not like I could pull some special magical crackers out of the pantry anyway but I'd rather die than send some saltines on my poor little boys snack day. He gets ripped off a lot because of the whole troop of little sisters thing happening. The poor kid-he was so great about it too. I really tried to include him as much as possible in every single thing I did when the girls were little. We have some pics of him asleep on my lap with all the babies too.

But anyway back to the cake pops, they were too heavy and about half of them were falling off the sticks, I guess I made them too big. So I ended up putting them all in cupcake papers and pulling the ones off the sticks that had survived. I wanted them to all be the same so that's how they went to school the next morning. Logan said all his friends at them so I guess they were OK. The left over ones were made into cake ball kabobs by Levi and snarfed up almost immediately. Next time I'm sticking to cupcakes or some wonderful store bought treat.

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