Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming soon before and after pics!

I will post the pics in a couple of weeks. I will not post befores until I feel comfortable with the afters,lol. I still have some swelling and have just started walking so I want to lose a little more. I won't be a Barbie-at this point I still weigh 180lbs. I feel ok saying that because if you think that's fat well, go suck it. I don't care, I weighed over 240lbs while pregnant with the triplets and I'm only 5'2" so I figure I'm doing damn good. Granted most of my life I weighed around 110lbs but I think more of you reading this are probably closer to my currant weight and situation, I think a size 14 is average and well it's my blog so that's what it will be in my world. I just want to lose enough to fit into clothes easily. I still have boobs at this point so I actually kinda like everything except my butt, it needs lots of work and that's ok. I am happy and that's what counts. Besides if you weigh 110lbs you probably are at the gym or off someplace not eating instead of reading this blog. I traded my cute butt for 3 beautiful little girls!

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