Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Child proofing for triplets is impossible!

If you leave them for a moment there is trouble. You have to though-how else will they get fed, how would I go to the bathroom or at least keep a path to walk through in the house? So the solution is to baby proof the entire house right? HOW? So far we have went through every style and brand of drawer latches and none of them are triplet proof, at least not for these 3! We have a dresser in the living room because of the lack of space in the too small house we live in-you do what ya gotta do, ya know? So anyway, we had to turn the dresser around to face the wall because they just would not stop dumping the drawers. Here are some pics of the dresser facing the wall and you can see the first set of dumb things that did not work. They were adhesive straps, they ripped them off within minutes and then proceeded to pick and pull until the sticky part was completely off.

I recall watching one of those multiples shows years ago on TLC or something, (I'm thinking it was the Dilley 6 but I'm not sure) the parents had put the baby gates on the door 2 high and then greased the bars so they couldn't climb them. I used to think that was a bit extreme but now I completely understand. I see the wreck that 3 can make I can't stand to think about 6 at one time. But then again I do this by myself with the 3 all day.

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