Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The chicken outhouse is coming down!

I like chickens. More than chickens, I love having and endless supply of fresh eggs, I know what the birds are eating and how they are treated, I like the darker color of the yolks from them getting to run around and eat grass. I love to watch them chase bugs and it's fun to throw out some popcorn or scraps to them.
A couple of weeks ago we had a bad week with the coyotes. There happens to be a large pack of them that live in the timber that surrounds our home. They had been staying away because of our 2 sheepdogs, but this year the pack is bigger and braver. I lost my Easter egger a couple of months ago, she was one of my favorite hens, she laid blue-green eggs. They recently wiped out my male goose and all 11 hens in a matter of 8 nights. We gave away the female goose this weekend because she was lonely and really needed to go to a farm with other geese. So now we have no poultry at all. SO, the hillbilly chicken coop has got to go. It really served it's purpose well but it looked like an outhouse. Austin worked hard on it last summer and really utilized the scrap lumber we had along with whatever else was free. What can I say, we are on such a tight budget with so many kids and one income and besides I tend to lean toward the green side, I am the moderator of our county Freecycle group.
The yard looks like a trash heap right now and needs a lot of work. Austin is taking care of a lot of that and Levi is jumping in when he can, it's his nature to be destructive so tearing down things is fun for him. Gary really wants to get out there a lot too but I am usually begging for help with the girls when he comes home from work.
My goal is to take the yard from Hillbillyville to a great fenced in play area for the littles. It will be done soon I hope. Here are a few pics of the progress. I plan on starting up with chickens and a huge garden when the girls are a little bit older and require less of my undivided attention, when will that be?

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