Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boys are gross........

I had my first son 19 years ago. I have had a houseful of boys for the last 15 or so years including stepsons and some foster sons. See a theme here? All boys. Gary and I had a combination of 6 boys and 3 foster sons when we decided to try for a girl. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. We got 3 girls.
Nothing scares me or shocks me anymore- when it comes to children anyway, and boys are gross. I actually figured that out in elementary school when a class mate who shall remain nameless ate paste in Kindergarten, another boy ate boogars, one swallowed a live fly and yet another smashed some guppies with his thumb. That last one still grosses me out to think about it. I have to add that the guppy killer is a very successful business man today and as far as I know has not became a serial killer.
My little darling Austin gather some pigs tails and shoved them into his coat pocket when he was about 2yrs old. He was with my dad who was docking the tails of the baby pigs. This is a common practice, if the tails are left long-the other pigs will chew them and they will become infected or whatever. I have never again stuck my hand into the pockets of anybody elses clothing. I will wash your gum, wallet, ink pen or any other thing you may forget to take out because my rule is empty your own pockets. THE PICS ARE FROM TODAY, I COULD ADD COUNTLESS PICS OF FROGS AND OTHER BOYISH THINGS BUT THEY ARE ON THE OTHER COMPUTER, ANOTHER DAY I GUESS. AUSTIN WAS SHOWING OFF HIS FRESH SUNBURN AND DOESN'T KNOW MOM IS ADDING IT TO THE BLOG. :)

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