Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bit of Crafty Repurposing, Is That a Word?

Last Christmas Grandma and Grandpa gave Logan a bag of blocks, that were foam with a wood look. Awesome because they looked like wood but the kids couldn't use them for weapons and they wouldn't cause injury from being thrown, not that any body here would throw toys-yea right. So anyway, the zipper broke on the plastic bag pretty quickly. Bummer.

Logan has a fleece half zip Spiderman sweatshirt that he really likes and it's too small for him. Wha-La make a block bag from it. EZ PZ! Chop off the sleeves and make a handle with the Spiderman from the sleeve placed on the top of the handle. Sew up the bottom and sleeve holes. The zipper is there to open up for piling in the blocks and then zip up so they don't fall out. I left the neck open so it's kinda like a "bag". He loves it and the blocks are not spilling out all over any more.

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